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Templating Visit FAQ

We aim to make the templating, delivery and fitting of Granite work surfaces as pleasurable as possible with the least amount of inconvenience. The following is given for information and indicates the steps and actions necessary to facilitate the above.

Why do you have to do a templating visit?

Granite and quartz aren’t materials that can be easily trimmed or altered on site – when the worktops are delivered they must be the right shape and size with cutouts and holes in exactly the right place. The only reliable way to achieve this is for experienced stone worktop templaters to undertake the work. Despite templating it may be necessary to chase out parts of the wall in order to aid the installation. This will need to be made good by others.

Do I need to be there when you template and install?

It is best if you are there when we template to answer any questions we might have. The same goes for fitting, so that you can confirm that you are happy with the finished product. We need to make 100% sure that the the worktops are templated in the manner in which you wish for them to be installed and also to confirm colours etc.

I am just replacing my existing worktops, do they have to be removed before you template?

Yes. We template directly on top of the units so existing worktops will need to be completely removed before we arrive. You can place the old worktops back onto the units after we have templated until the new granite worktops are installed.

What must I have on-site and have had carried out for when you arrive to do the templating survey?

The installer must fix all base units and end panels in position which must be level and firmly secured and tied in to the walls, where necessary, before templating. Any runs of worktops that do not have units underneath but are against a wall should be battened out usually with 50 x 25mm softwood to support the worktop. If walls are tiled, any tiles that prevent the templates being taken, must be removed in order for the new work surfaces to be templated right back to the walls. In kitchen runs all appliances that are part of a worktop run, hobs, sinks and taps for example, must be on site for templating.

What about wall finishing?

Walls should be plastered prior to templating, but should not be tiled until after the worktops have been fitted.

How many pieces will my worktop be cut into?

For simple rectangles the number of pieces (hence number of joins) is simply dependant on length; less than three meters can usually be one piece. For more complex shapes such as bowed fronts or out-set sections many companies will cut the worktop into sections to ease fabrication. We can provide many complex shapes as a single piece (subject to overall length). The templater will be able to tell you how many pieces will be used.

What are the maximum worktop lengths?

Generally with granite and quartz worktops the maximum length for a single piece is 3000mm at which point it will be necessary for a joint.

How are worktop joined?

In the case of granite and quartz worktops joints are generally two pieces of worktops butted up against each other. We endeavour to make the joint as inconspicuous as possible with a sealant used between the two pieces the nearest colour match available but colours of sealants are more limited than the colours of stone.

What happens if I abort a template or installation visit less then 24 hours in advance?

Aborted installation visits where Worktop Factory are not responsible will be charged for.

Can your templating team advise on design, shapes, etc.?

Our templating teams are amongst the best in the industry and they will do everything within their power to be as helpful as possible in the time that they are with you. They will offer suggestions and discuss with you the size and shapes of overhangs for breakfast bars and the like. The placement of taps, breakfronts, curvatures, the radius at the end of a run etc. This though is limited to the fact that they are not qualified to advise on the choice of colour schemes and all other matters in relation to interior design. If this aspect is still not clear to you we would suggest you take a look through some of the pages of our resource centre which customers come back to time and time again as this is a brilliant source for ideas and solutions to any possible problems.

The choice of sink that I have made is cast iron/butler. What do I need to do prior to templating?

Sinks are supported by the unit that they are placed within, not the worktop.These sink types need to be installed prior to templating.


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