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Marble FAQ

Can Marble be used as kitchen worktops?

Marble, for use as a kitchen worktop material, is a great deal softer than granite. In addition it is considerably more porous. It could be fabricated and installed for this purpose but it is not something we would generally advise but, on a non guarantee basis, if a customer was insistent upon this medium we would oblige. Owing to the porosity even the more robust marbles are likely to stain if they come into contact with the wrong chemicals.

If used with care, and an understanding that staining could be an issue with marble in a kitchen environment, then the use of marble as a kitchen worktop would be fine.

For what areas is marble best used?

Marble is not simply restricted for the use of a bathroom vanity top. The use of marble as shower panelling or wall cladding looks fantastic and is very practical. A marble surround of a bath is a great addition to any bathroom. In addition it is very common practice for the use of marble as a fire places and mantle pieces, tabletops and shelving. Generally restrict the use of the marble to areas of lesser day to day use and it will provide you with years of pleasure to the eye.

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