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Why We Love Slate Worktops

 Slate Worktops

Why We Love Slate Workstops

A worktop have a way of adding colour and then bring beauty and class to an ordinarily dry environment no matter its location, be it in the kitchen, bathroom, lavatory and indeed the workplace in general. An abundant range of materials options can be employed in the making of a worktop depending on the specific taste and style of the prospective user. One of such material is a naturally occurring stone called slate know with us Why We Love Slate Workstops.

Slate is a very hard naturally occurring stone and this property makes the material not just a good material for making worktops but also an eco friendly material as it has no adverse effect on its surrounding or indeed nature in general. Because of its hardness and ability to withstand pressure and heat without coming apart it is employed in the roofing of houses, tiling of floors, stairs and walkways.

Added to the fact that slate is hard, this material is also rarely permeable (does not absorb liquids). These properties make a perfect material for making and designing kitchen worktops. Slate has a water absorbing index of less than 0.4% hence it is used as rudimentary damp proof membrane for walls.

In terms of appearance, it is a beauty to behold as it comes in an elegant array of colours such as red, deep purple,turquoise, grey, green and even black. This range of colours offers the prospective user a rich reserve of colours from which to make their selection. Slate is one naturally occurring stone than can be made to suite the taste of prospective users as it can be made to look simplistic, minimal, nature friendly or even luxurious as the user may decide and find applicable to his use.

The thermal nature of slate is one that can be said to be stable as it does not conduct heat. Instead it maintains a regular room temperature which eliminates the risk of melting plastics or other materials that may be destroyed by a heated surface if placed in contact with it. In case of fire outbreak, it is non-combustible there by reducing the risk of fuelling and spreading flames.

Because slate is a good insulator it was used in the early 20th century for construction of relay control and switch boards for electric motors, this point solves the problem of electric shocks emanating from faulty electrical installation making contact with the worktop as it does not conduct electricity.

Another point to the effectiveness of slate worktops and granite is the fact that it is chemically inert (it does not react with chemicals or any other materials), So if by chance a chemical spills on a slate worktop there will be no fear of corrosion or any explosive reaction as a result of making contact with the worktop, rather it will remain inert, all the user needs to do is follow the requirement for cleaning up such kind of spill, this makes the slate an excellent material for making a worktop in chemical laboratories.

In regards, to hygiene the slate worktop is highly recommended as its low water

Absorbing quality makes it naturally antibacterial which makes it perfect for use in kitchen, restaurants, bars, hospitals and many other places. Given the fact that the slate worktop offers a whole lot of advantages and broad areas of applications it still costs less than it marble and granite brothers, this I must say puts it in the class of a cost effective worktop.

In conclusion, it can comfortably be said that slate worktops are a durable, functional, hygienic, cost effective and beautiful worktop that gives it buyer good value for money.


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