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What is Travertine Used For?

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What is Travertine used for? Travertine is a limestone deposit which is extracted from the earth crust through quarrying. It is widely used as a material for building. One of the world’s biggest buildings built majorly of this stone is the Colosseum in Rome. Rich deposits of the stone are located in Italy and was historically mined by the Romans. Within the images above, you will see some of the various uses of travertine.

Travertine is among the most frequently used stones in modern architecture, and is commonly seen utilised within wall cladding, façade material, and flooring. It is called in some places Travertine marble or Travertine limestone, and they are all Travertine, but it is not marble nor limestone. It generally contains troughs and pitted holes on its surface, which are a natural occurrence. Sometimes grout is used to fill the pitted holes while often it is left open. Travertine can be purchased unfilled or filled. It can also be polished effectively to a shiny and smooth finish with different colours ranging from a shade of grey to a shade of coral-red. It is used mainly in the making of floor tiles.

Because of the cost-effectiveness and uniqueness of Travertine tiles, they have become very popular carpeting materials for homes. These tiles come in different textures and formats and can be applied to varied decoration options, and they are also used as flooring materials due to their affordability, striking look and their touch of beauty to any ordinary home. Travertine tiles are also being used for residential and commercial purposes. The varieties of these tiles make suitable the tastes of different people.

With new technologies, Travertine tiles have become more polished and shinier. When they are used in the kitchen, they can give a very aesthetic appeal with proper lighting effects. They have also found increase usage in bathroom flooring and other rooms. The Travertine tiles are easy to maintain and clean. Since Travertine is alkaline, it reacts when it comes in contact with a substance that contains acid. So to clean these tiles, non-acidic mild bleaches and soaps should always be used.

Travertine Pavers when used in a swimming pool space look beautiful and refined. It absorbs all standing water because of its porous surface, leaving the space safe to be walked over. During hot weather times like the summer months or even in tropical climates, Travertine stays cool to touch. It will not burn anybodies feet unlike some other paving options. They also work in cold-weather conditions withstanding thaw and freeze cycles without a crack, especially when they are properly installed.

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