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What is Soapstone Used for?

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What is soapstone used for? Soapstone, another rock from the metamorphic family, is formed from magnesium and talc. Because of its unique composition, it has found great uses in the construction industry and has been used to design a lot of products that can be used in the office, home and workspace. The images above will give you an indication of the flexibility of this material.

One of the key, unique features of Soapstone is that it can be carved and all through history it has been used to create great artworks and utility products like cookware. Today, you will find Soapstone carved into different, exquisite products such as designer soapstone sinks, which are used in the bathroom or kitchen. The designer Soapstone sinks usually come in either square or round design styles.

Soapstone is one of the best materials that can be used to produce a stove for a lot of reasons. It is heat retentive, heat conducive and heat resistant. This simply means that, within a Soapstone stove, the fuel material will burn, until it completely vaporizes. After the fuel has finished burning, the Soapstone will continue to release the heat retained from the fuel for a long time after the initial fire has gone off. This could prove to save money for the home owner. Furthermore, since the fuel is fully consumed, there would be no ash, messy soot, creosote nor disturbing smoke.

Many home owners are choosing Soapstone countertops for their kitchen or bath. There are a lot of reasons for why it makes a great choice for a surface that would be used at home. It is not a porous stone, so liquids will not soak into the surface, instead they will generally sit on top. Soapstone does not stain, which is a key factor to consider if you are using the counter in a kitchen environment, where it would face a lot of abuse due to the daily actions of food preparation and cooking. Since the countertops are not porous they will not keep bacteria, this is very vital for keeping kitchens and bathrooms clean.

Soapstone as a type of metamorphic rock has found great use in the past and in the modern environment. It contains a lot of unique capabilities that have made it irresistible to the design and construction industries. Its heat resistance, conduction and retention render soapstone the best material for building energy and cost saving stoves. Then it’s a very clean stone for use in developing countertops since it is not porous.

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