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What Is Quartz?


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Quartz is a crystalline form of mineral. As a chemical compound, it consists of Silicon and Oxygen in 1:2 parts ratio. Because of its composition the chemical name is Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and it is the most abundantly found mineral on the Earth and by volume making up 12% of the Earth’s crust. Because of its properties, it has become the most used of all the natural minerals. Quartz depending on its formation and composition can take up different colors and properties. Naturally, its colors are as a result of impurities it may pick up during formation. In some cases, the crystalline form of Quartz can be easily visible while the stone most times can form distinctive clusters made of large clusters.

Quartz has a wide range of applications. Its usefulness can be found in Jewelry making, some scientific research, building and also in manufacturing. Quartz can be considered an all-significant natural substance with some of its forms though rare but extremely valuable. This is because of its diverse uses. When cut and polished by an experienced, quality jeweler, who knows and appreciates its properties, this piece of natural substance can be exceedingly beautiful. Because Quartz is cheap it is mostly used as a substitute for some other fancier and more expensive gems and if well handled, it can be exceedingly hard to tell it apart from other, more expensive types.

Quartz is among the most useful mineral and this usefulness can be attributed to its properties both chemical and physical. Because of its sturdiness, registering a grade of seven on the Mohs Scale, it has been found to be exceptionally durable. This makes this mineral harder than every other natural substance and an excellent material for use as an abrasive. Sand blasting, grinding media, the grit variety utilised for sanding and sawing including scouring cleaners are all products of Quartz sand and powdered silica.

Because of its heat and chemical resistance, Quartz is used in the form of foundry sand. It is also used for the molds and cores of some foundry work because of its high melting temperature. Also because of Quartz high resistance to heat, they are mostly used in the making of Refractive brick. Quartz sand is particularly useful as a flux in metals smelting. It is also tremendously useful in the manufacturing of electronic products because of its resistance to heat and other chemical properties. Quartz cannot be overridden as a gemstone in glass making because of its color, diaphaneity and luster.

In rubber, putty and paint manufacturing, Quartz sand plays a vital role as filler. Well screened and washed, decent sized grains of Quartz can be used as filter media and granules for roofing. This mineral is also useful in railroad and most mining industries for traction purposes. Quartz is also suitable for use in Golf courses, baseball fields, children’s sand boxes and most beaches and any other recreation centre.

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