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What Is Onyx?

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The mineral name for the lustrous black stone is Chalcedony quartz, though it is commonly called Onyx. When Silicon dioxide is deposited in the gas pocket of lava, and it dries up, it results in the formation of a multilayered rock with some deposits of Chalcedony. Chalcedony as a group name represents a family of stones with their formation root traced to Silicon dioxide also called quartz. For a stone to be in the Chalcedony family, it has to be milky, translucent and transparent and most times with layers of colours. These bands of colours as seen in Onyx are formed through impurities that seep into the rock during formation.

The commonly alternating colours are white, red, black and brown. Other colours of onyx are not common, though they can be found. The most common Onyx colour alternation is the alternation of red or brown with white bands. This form can be called sardonyx. Though this can be rare, sometimes, a black band can be seen in the mix or a primarily black onyx will be visible, which is highly valued for jewelry and ornament use. This black gemstone has straight bands that alternate its colour.

Chemical treatment and heat create the onyx colours. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between a dyed stone from a heated stone. For an Onyx that has passed through several hands, it may be difficult for even the dealer to know if it is natural or not. Although dyed stones do not easily fade, but most people are more comfortable knowing that their jewelry is of natural rock in their original colour and not artificially enhanced.

Jewellery is valued for its design and the beauty of the array of gem, but because of the gorgeous and attractive jet-black stone of onyx, its appeal may outstrip all the other jewellery types. The darkest gemstone available is onyx. It holds a natural sheen though it reflects any light giving it. Because of its strength, it is classified among the purest gems. This gemstone is not expensive; with a few pounds, one can get a diamond onyx engagement ring.

Onyx unique look attracts a lot of buyers to it as a special piece of jewelry for a loved one. Onyx rings are the perfect choice for every occasion, be it wedding or anniversary at any time of the year. It is mostly believed to be the perfect gift for a 7th and 10th year anniversary. The texture and bands of the chalcedony and its medium hardness make it an excellent choice for carving. Cameos and figures are mostly carved from Onyx.

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