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What Is Marble Used For?

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Marble is a stone that has been treasured by society through the ages. Marble is used as an artful rock because of its beauty and waxy transparency. The stone is particularly popular among sculptors especially the white varieties. This is because of the similarities of the stone and human skin and its softness when first acquired and hardness after a period of time.

Marble uses within Every Time Period

- Columns. Columns that are made up of marble are considered to be remarkably strong. Pentelic marble, which is a close grained, golden hued stone, was quarried in Attica, in mount Pentelicon, during the ancient Greece. You will see the Pentelic marble in the Elgin Marbles, which reside at the Bristish Museum.

- Ancient Sculpture. The architecture of the ancient Greece was made up of marble, while their art is made up of bronze. Other cultures were attracted by the architecture and arts excellence in ancient Greece. When the Romans ruled, the bronze sculptures were molten down, and copies of the originals were sculptured using marble.

- Renaissance. During the rebirth, of the classical carving of marble, which was in 15th century, some of the famous marble sculptures were born. During this time, David and the Pieta, carved by Michelangelo, was born. The marbles were quarried in the hills in Carrara, Tuscany. This pure white Carrara marble is a favorite of Michelangelo, and generally, with numerous sculptors of this time.

- Taj Mahal. This is a fantastic representation of the Mughal architecture, which is a combination of Indian, Islamic and Persian styles. The dome is made up of white marble, making it one of the most popular structures in the world.

- Baroque and Later Periods. Michelangelo’s successor, Bernini, was wise enough making him qualified for the name. He is known for his masterpieces, Apollo and Daphne and the active David, with a slingshot made up of marble. These masterpieces were made up of marble during the Baroque period. During the 19th century, marble is used within most sculptures. The Kiss, made by Rodin, was sculpted originally in marble.

- Marble Countertops. Nowadays, marble has been widely used for kitchen countertops and worktops. Marble is tremendously popular for the use of kitchen and bathroom panels, like wall panels and shower panels. 

Decorative use of marble sheets as wall panels across entire bathroom walls is an outstanding addition. Utilising sheets of marble from the same blocks to allow the book marking of patterns is particularly impressive as per the 'marble cladding' image here on this page.

Stair treads (the part you stand on) and risers (the vertical face on stairs) clad in marble are utterly stunning and offer a low maintenance solution to staircases. 

States like Georgia, Colorado and Tennessee have vast marble quarries. With that, a lot of houses have been utilising marble as an intrinsic part of the interior decoration. This decorative stone can be a simple, yet elegant, garden sculpture that you will love to place in your garden. The stone has been a symbol for class and refinement for years now.

Marble uses include those of the greatest structures and works of art of all time. They are a veritable witness to the rich history of the world. From the ancient times in Greece to the modern day of kitchen decors, marble has an ongoing evergreen presence. A treasured decorative stone from the precise first day of discovery until the present day. 

Marble is the historical stone of royalty. The addition of this material to any home will transform the environment to be fit for kings and gods.

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