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What Is Granite Used For?

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Granite is an igneous rock that is commonly occurring on Earth’s surface. It comes with consistency from medium to coarse grain. The colours range across virtually the entire colour spectrum. The stone is exceptionally durable, sturdy and suitable for use within internal structures. With that, the uses of granite throughout history for construction purposes. 

What is granite used for?

· The Pyramids. Granite has been used for a long time, since it was discovered. It was used in the Red Pyramid of Egypt, the Great Pyramid of Giza and Menkaure’s Pyramid. During the Ancient Egypt, granite has been widely used to create columns, sarcophagi and other domestic structures, like floor coverings, sills, lintels and jambs. However, how the Ancient Egyptians formed structures with granite to become these colossal forms is still unknown. 

· Worktops. Granite is the number one worktop material of choice throughout the UK. The properties contained within this natural stone make it a excellent choice for kitchen granite worktops. Tough, durable, pleasing on the eye, longlasting; all the virtues one would wish for in kitchen worktops are inherent within this marvellous decorative stone.

· Stair treads and risers. Owing to the weight of the material it is generally unlikely to create complete stair cases from this construction material, but it is perfectly suited to clad existing staircases which have sufficient structural integrity.

· External BBQ counters. A perfect choice for this application as weather conditions will not deteriorate granite. It reknowned heat resistant properties also enhance this application.

· Wall cladding & panelling. Perfect for use within showers & bathrooms to provide years of trouble free performance without grout lines to discolour. External garden walls or facades of commercial buildings are markedly enhanced using granite to create a grand entrance area or visual impact for the entire building. Large buildings within the City of London and larger cities across the UK include numerous buildings that have been externally clad with granite.

· Tiling and Paving. Granite, though hard and tough, can be honed to bring a high polished look. The high polished stones can be used as tiles for kitchens, bathroom and any other places in the house or building. The tiles are particularly attractive. The finished tiles are then used as wall facings and floorings. They can also be used as pavers. The stones are used in less refined forms, like patios, driveways and pavers. The stones are beautiful and when used as pavers, they bring another life, and beauty to the garden and driveways.

· Modern Buildings. The uses of granite has been passed down from past to present. This material is still widely used as a primary material to a lot of construction projects nowadays. The blocks are roughly textured, which offers anti-slip properties, and a more interesting appearance to the eye. But the blocks can still be honed for a smooth, dull finish. The smooth, finished blocks are used on the internal walls constructions.

· Monuments and Sculptures. Artists can also use granite for their masterpieces. With the mottled and varied appearance of granite, the stone becomes a popular material for sculptures, monuments and statues. If you are thinking about the rough texture of the stone, the stone can be polished to have a extremely high shine. It is a more robust option for public sculptures and monuments. The stone is durable and scratch resistant, which is perfect for memorial stones and monuments that are permanent.

· Rock Climbing. The uses of granite do not end in construction and art uses. The stone can be highly appreciated in its natural form. You will find these stones in massifs and large tors. The geological pieces can be steep, yet stable, and has crack systems that are well established. The stone is perfect for rock climbing sport. You will find that this stone is immensely popular with rock climbing enthusiasts. The most famous granite outcrops are located in the Western Alps’ Mont Blanc Massif, California’s Yosemite, France’s Corsica and Karakoram mountain range located at the borders of Pakistan, China and India.

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