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What Is Technistone

 What Is Technistone


Technistone is an engineered stone that consists of 93% Quartz, Granite, Quartz Silica and 7% resin, binders and colours. Each sheet is inspected under bright light for defects and flaws after its manufacture. It is often used as kitchen worktops. A kitchen worktop is where food is prepared, cutting, chopping and other related tasks that need durable and easy to clean surface for home cooked meals. 

Technistone, produced through patented process from the Breton technology is as a result of the environmental impact of quarrying raw materials like marble and granite, there was a demand for a new product by the consumers. It has very high performance surface and its wide colour range makes it easy to suit any building project requirement while also enhancing any living space. 

Worktops in a bathroom is used to show style, Technistone can easily blend into any environment because it comes in ranges of colours and shades, for example, Fresh, Crystal, Granite and Starlight are the different categories of Technistone colours that can be chosen to match your house. It is extremely heat-resistant and very durable with zero porosity and hygienic. A Technistone worktop can be used for beating steak and for chopping without a chopping block and also for kneading dough without causing damage to the surface. 

Since it comes in various sizes it can be used as a single sheet worktop allowing no place for bacteria to grow when it is not properly cleaned or holes for water to leak. It has become the first choice for kitchen tops, bar and counter tops, fireplace surrounds, restaurants, cladding and tiles. It is now used extensively in America, Africa, Europe and Australasia. 

Keeping a Technistone surface looking marvellous for years is very simple, all it needs is to quickly clean off the spills when it happens and to also regularly clean it with warm water and a normal household detergent. At all times a quick rinsing with water and a wiping with a dry cloth will be all that is required to bring back the surface to its original shine. 

Since it is extremely stain resistant, bleach is generally not needed when cleaning the surface. However, if it has to be used, then it should be properly rinsed after to avoid dulling the surface. It does not require polishing as the already polished surface will remain so for many years for as long as basic cleaning routine is followed 

Technistone though being extremely heat resistant needs to be prevented from being accidentally damaged by heat from baking trays and hot pots, by using a heat mat or trivet on it before placing pots or baking trays on top of it. It would really be a shame if this tough and beautiful surface is damaged by carelessness. 

Choosing Technistone in your home would be a wise choice that will definitely increase the value of your home because of its functionality and elegant surface coupled with its many colours, textures and patterns plus the durability and heat resistance.  

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