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The Truth About Kitchen Worktops

 Kitchen worktops

  Kitchen Worktops

In the world of home décor, terming an accessory as “the best” simply means it has no equal. It implies that the accessory adds nothing but value to the home. The kitchen is an essential part of the home that can not be overlooked and one accessory that must always be first on the priority list is the type of worktop you use. Not all beautiful kitchen worktops are appropriate for any kitchen because we all have a different sense of style. Also, what works well for your fireplace or patio might not conform to your kitchen requirements.

There are various types of kitchen worktops that many of us select according to their beauty, disregarding all the other important factors. Some of these worktops include: Laminate worktops, wood worktops, granite worktops, solid surface worktops and others like glass, concrete or quartz worktops. Weighing the pros and cons for each worktop would definitely influence your final decision.

1. Laminate Worktops

These types of worktops are very popular, especially in the UK due to their affordability. This is definitely good for those on a low budget. Also, they do not require any form of expertise in order to be installed in your kitchen. This saves you from paying through your nose for professional installation.

Another plus is that they can fit into almost any kitchen due to their range of colours and designs. Their wide array of textures and colours can be installed into a traditional or modern kitchen. The bad side of these kitchen worktops is that they wear out quickly. Their durability largely depends on how well they are maintained.  Despite this fact, they are easily maintained as all you need to do is prevent the penetration of water into the edges and joints.

2. Wood Worktops

If what you want is a kitchen full of nature, these worktops would be best. Like the laminate worktops, these worktops can be used in almost any kind of kitchen. The price of purchase and installation depends on the kind of timber used. Also, by having the appropriate tools, they can be cut to any shape and also help your kitchen in terms of hygiene.

Their bad side is that maintenance is an uphill task. The surface must be continuously oiled and water spills must be cleaned immediately so as to avoid stains. 

3. Granite Worktops

If what you want is appeal, granite worktops are your best bet. They are beautiful and have patterns that go well with any kitchen. They are relatively tough and highly durable which gives them a longer life span compared to other worktops.

These kitchen worktops are expensive and require professional installation. Also, some liquids like fruit juices can give granite worktops a permanent stain.

4. Solid Surface Worktops

This does not necessarily mean that they are made from one solid surface. The good thing about this worktop is that although, the sections are joined together, these joins are invisible which gives it a unified appearance. Solid surfaces have to be installed correctly by professionals so as to avoid any damage. They get scratched easily and are not as resistant as granite worktops.

The kind of kitchen worktops you choose depends on your taste and budget. All worktops have their merits and demerits so it is up to you to pick one that suits you.

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