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The Joy Of Using High Gloss Worktops

 High Gloss Worktops

High Gloss Worktops

The need to merge professionalism and hygiene in different work environments has increased the need to have work surfaces adapted to meet these needs. High gloss Worktops are horizontal and flat surfaces which are used in various places such as kitchens, in the bathrooms, food preparation areas, washrooms or lavatories. As a homeowner installing a high gloss worktop in your kitchen will offer an upgraded and luxurious design to your kitchen while also providing the bench top space in your kitchen, which would be used for prep work, cooking and other kitchen activities.

When installing kitchen worktops, the owner must ensure that they hire real licensed and certified professional installers, while also ensuring only high gloss worktops are used to deliver the desired look and aesthetics. High gloss worktops are often made of materials such as granite or quartz. The material is polished to a very high level of sheen giving them their high gloss appearance.

The high gloss worktops without a doubt brings a touch of elegance and beauty to kitchens, and with the durable plus hard wearing natural attributes of granite, one can be sure that the worktop will last for a long time because granite is one of the hardest stones in nature. The high gloss worktops made with granite will remain immune to scratches which easily become visible on other worktop surfaces. This is contrary to some expectations that they are not able to hide scratches because of their shiny surfaces.

To get an elegant and high gloss kitchen, you will need to choose contrasting colours; use a black gloss kitchen cabinet to contrast with a white worktop or you can equally use a white glossy kitchen cabinet to contrast with a black worktop. If you find such extreme opposites unappealing, you can consider a cream glossy cabinet contrasted with a brown granite which also looks great. The truth is you do not actually need a perfect ratio of one to the other to strike a winning balance. However, consulting an expert will save you the whole headache.

High gloss worktops, despite being very strong and durable must be cared for to get best results from them and to increase their lifespan. Do not cut objects directly on the surface of the worktop instead always use a chopping board. Do not put toasters, kettles or any other thing that can be hot near a joint in the worktop or directly over it. Never stand on the worktop because it can lead to the failure of the joint seals and the debris from shoes are common reasons for scratches.

Having a high gloss kitchen worktop can be a source of great joy because of the exquisite finishing and luxury it gives to the kitchen. However, care must be taken when installing them by ensuring that qualified installers are used. An investment in high gloss worktops would always be a worthy one any time.

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