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The Amazing Secrets Of Granite Worktops

 granite worktops

Granite Worktops

It is now common to see a kitchen covered with a worktop that beautifies and completes it. This is expected as kitchen décor is a priority for many people. One of the most preferred types of kitchen worktops are the granite worktops. This is because granite, from which these countertops are made are easily found and can be converted into kitchen worktops just as effectively. Although, the conversion of this raw granite stone into kitchen wares is not in a days work, the end result is worth the wait. This worktop has proven to be kitchen-friendly compared to some other types thereby making it one of the most widely sought for countertops.

Granite, like other stones are formed due to movement in or interaction with the earth crust. The granite stone is a widespread rock which is intrusive and igneous in nature. Depending on its mode or environment of formation, its texture can be partially smooth or coarse. Also, their colours which could be pink or grey depend on their mineralogy and chemical composition. Granites worktops are widely used because the granite stone is hard, tough and can be easily found in hilly areas. Most times, kitchen worktops and building materials which are referred to as granite are simply igneous rocks having large crystals.

Before getting a granite worktop for your kitchen, you should know a few things so as to avoid regrets


1. Not all Granite Worktops are Made of Granite

An igneous rock with crystals equal in size to that of granite could easily be used in these worktops. It pays to have some knowledge of how a granite worktop should look like before purchasing one. 

2. Granite Worktops are Long-Lasting

These worktops can last for a lifetime depending on how you take care of them. While some granite kitchen worktops need to be sealed, others should be cleaned regularly. This will definitely save you a lot of money in maintenance costs and you only have to change reseal once or twice in a year.

3. Poor Durability is not an Option

It is almost impossible for granite countertops to lose their beauty and elegance. Due to their resistant nature to heat and scratches, these kitchen worktops are no match for some other countertops. Despite this fact, intentionally scratching or exposing them to intense heat is not an ideal way to test their resistance.

4. They are not Cheap Time-Bound Worktops

You pay the price to get the prize. Granite worktops are not cheap simply because they give you maximum kitchen value as far as the kitchen is concerned. The initial expenses you make not only cover purchase of the worktop but also the installation. They must be installed properly so as to prevent them from breaking or over maintenance.

Granite worktops definitely return your initial investment due to the extra appeal and elegance it adds to the home. They offer a long life span and in the long run, they give you what you want which is, kitchen recognition.

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