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The Stone & Worktop Glossary


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The jargon used in defining stone terms can often become quite convoluted. The purpose of this section is to try to offer a clear explanation, in layman’s English, of the most common definitions relating to stone, worktops as a whole and their fabrication.

If you are looking for an explanation of a term not contained here please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to try to assist you.

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Stone And Worktop Terms Beginning With The Letter U

U Value

The overall heat spread coefficient. Expressed in BTU per inch, per hour, per square foot, per degree Fahrenheit of temperature difference from air to air of a given construction section. This is always the final calculation used to determine lagging specifications.


Cut so as to make an overhang part, as a drip mould.


Factory balanced combination of Portland cement, sand and additives used with or with no latex liquid to flush an uneven substrate and to give a suitable stone floor tile location surface.


A piece of fabricated dimensional cubic or fine stone.

Urinal Screen

A fine stone panel used as a privacy divider between urinals.

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