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The jargon used in defining stone terms can often become quite convoluted. The purpose of this section is to try to offer a clear explanation, in layman’s English, of the most common definitions relating to stone, worktops as a whole and their fabrication.

If you are looking for an explanation of a term not contained here please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to try to assist you.

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Stone And Worktop Terms Beginning With The Letter O


On centres, an abbreviation commonly used in dimensioning shop drawings, designating dimensions from the centre of one part to the centre of the next.


A glassy phase of lava, more often than not black. 


A course or part that is set in from the course directly under it, the opposite of a projection. 


A stone moulding with a turn round curved edge, concave above, convex below.

One Man Boulders

coarse stone under 150 pounds.


A selection of quartz in crystalline form of calcium carbonate. It is categorized by a structure of parallel brands each differing in colour or in the degree of translucency. Considering being a marble because it can take a polished. 

Onyx Marble

A crystalline from, usually microcrystalline, of calcium carbonate deposited frequently from cold water solutions. It is usually translucent and shows traits layering. Commercially, onyx is thought of a marble since it can be polished.

Oolitic Limestone

Rock consisting mostly of calcite, made up of largely oolites or granular particles (usually small fossils or fossil remains) that have calcium coatings. A calcite-cemented calcareous stone formed of shells and shell remains, practically non-crystalline in character it is found in huge deposits located almost entirely in Lawrence, Monroe, and Owen counties in Indiana, also in Alabama, Kansas, and Texas. This limestone is typically a freestone, without cleavage planes, possessing a remarkable uniformity of composition, texture and structure. It also possesses a high internal elasticity, adapting itself without harm to tremendous temperature changes.


The introduction into a rock of sill ceous material in the form of opal, a hydrous silicate.

Open-faced Quarry

Open, reasonably level quarry at or near ground level. 


Designation of any chemical mix containing carbon (some of the simple compounds of carbon, such as carbon dioxide, are often classified as inorganic compounds). To date, nearly one million organic compounds have been combining or isolated. Many take place in nature; others are made by chemical synthesis.

Out of wind

to be out of wind is to have the arras of the stone not in similar or vertical lines. Stone which is.


Rock seen above or at ground level.

Over Burden

Waste stone, earth or other quarry material covering functional stone.

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