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The jargon used in defining stone terms can often become quite convoluted. The purpose of this section is to try to offer a clear explanation, in layman’s English, of the most common definitions relating to stone, worktops as a whole and their fabrication.

If you are looking for an explanation of a term not contained here please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to try to assist you.

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Stone And Worktop Terms Beginning With The Letter I

Igneous Rock

One of three standard groups of rock that make up the earth’s surface; formed by the solidification of molten material.


One who buys, stocks, and distributes foreign materials.


To engrave, as in an inscription.


Omission of some stones to allow for future bonding-in work.

Initial Rate Of Absorption

The weight of water immersed when a brick is partly immersed in water for one minute, expressed in grams per 30 square inches of contact surface, also called suction.

Initial Set

The first setting action of mortar, the commencement of the set.


Surface decoration made by the introduction of lines or patterns of contrasting material.


Number and lettering cutting in stone.


See fitting.


The inside of a some thing like a car, room or of a structure.

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