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The jargon used in defining stone terms can often become quite convoluted. The purpose of this section is to try to offer a clear explanation, in layman’s English, of the most common definitions relating to stone, worktops as a whole and their fabrication.

If you are looking for an explanation of a term not contained here please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to try to assist you.

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Stone And Worktop Terms Beginning With The Letter H


The procedure of stacking brick in a kiln or a kiln car. Or, laying brick with the base edge set in from the plane surface of the wall.

Hairline Cracking

Irregular pattern of superficial cracking in an uncovered concrete surface. generally surface openings of 20 mm or less.

Half Bull Nose

A convex crescent moulding used on exposed edges or stone units such as stair treads, tops and window stools.

Half Round

An exposed edge or moulding with a crescent section or radii.


Rock salt; sodium chloride; a sedimentary rock.

Hand Cut Randon Rectangular

A pattern where all the stone is hand cut into squares and rectangles; joints are fairly consistent. Similar to sawed-bed ashlars in look.

Hand Or Machine Pitch-Faced Rock Faced

A finish given to both veneer stone and cutting stock. Establishing a straight line back from the irregular face of the stone creates this. Proper tools are then used to cut along the tile line leaving a straight arise and the intended rustic finish on the face.


 Nearly vitrified clay produce that have been fired at high temperatures.


 A value of stone determined by ASTM C241 test.


 The end of a stone which has been tooled to equal the face of the stone. Heads are used at exterior corners, windows or any place where the veneering will be observable from the side.

Head Joint

 The upright mortar joint between ends of stonework units. Also called a cross joint or a upright joint.

Headed Course

A constant course of header brick; also called heading course.


A stonework unit that overlaps 2 or more adjacent wythes of stonework to tie them together. Also called a bonder.


A principle stone, as in keystone or cornerstone.


A plinth that surrounds a fireplace.


A hydrate which contains one-half of a molecule of water compared to one molecule of the primary element or compound forming the hydrate.


A pattern of setting in which the units are laid aslant, with the track of incline reversing in alternate courses, forming a zigzag effect.

Hewn Stone

To coarse form by mallet and chisel.

High-Strength Adhesive

A bonding agent of high definitive strength used to join individual pieces of stone into pre-assembled units.


Sinkages in the top beds of stones to appoint Lewis pins for hoisting.

Hollow Brick Unit

A block unit in which the net cross-sectional zone in any plane parallel to the bearing surface is less than 75% of its gross cross-sectional zone measured in the same plane.

Hollow Wall

A cavity wall, typically exterior, constructed in 2 separate parts, structurally connected as requirement with gap between for checking the passage of water, or for better insulation created by the blocked air gap.

Honed/Hone Finish

A fine, satin smooth finish on stone. This is the last step before polishing. A great fine smooth finish with little or no shine. Suggested for commercial floors.


A collection of minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, and aluminium silicates. May be present in igneous stones.


A mineral formed by the amalgamation of water and some other elements or compounds.

Hydrated Lime

Quicklime to which sufficient water has been added to convert the oxides to hydroxides.


To harden under (or with) water.


Substance which absorbs or has exhibited resemblance for water.


Having no affinity for or is repellent to water. The quality of beading water on a substrate.


Containing chemically combined water.

Hygroscopic Moisture

Water absorbed by hydrophilic permeable materials.

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