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The use of Granite and it’s Applications


Modern up to date technology has enhanced our skill to quarry, cut, shape, and finish granite, which has dragged it out of the kitchen and into a multitude of other applications for the home and office. Granite started its modern life as a construction stone: a strong, well-built surfacing material. Granite buildings were erected, most often public buildings like libraries and courts, composed of both polished and unpolished granite.

As mining techniques enhanced and granite became less costly, it moved into the home. For the reason that it is hard and imperviousness to humidity and acid, granite was an ideal worktop material. Today, granite countertops are still the most demanded of all countertops. It’s almost impossible to scratch. When properly sealed and cleaned, it’s almost impossible to stain. Countertops are custom-made for each application, usually from a template made directly from the supplier of the customers kitchen units, so the countertop is a perfect fit for the area. A wide range of colours is available. They are the sturdiest and most hardwearing of all worktops. Even the most contemporary solid surface countertops don’t come close to its strength and scratch resistance. And nothing matches a granite countertop for its attractiveness. A granite countertop will outlast the building the building it is fitted in, and long after the foundation has cracked and the walls have tumbled, the countertop will still be as strong and beautiful as ever.

Granite tiles are an excellent option to solid granite countertops if price is a factor. Granite tiles can be laid almost edge-to-edge, providing the look and feel of a solid granite countertop, at a tiny proportion of the cost, and quite within the capability of most do-it-yourselves.

Granite tiles are also an admired choice for flooring. Polished tiles are perfect for official areas, while honed tiles should be used in wet locations such as bathrooms and kitchens. Polished granite tiles, ranging in size from less than 25mm mosaic tiles to 400mm or larger, are also well liked for kitchen backsplashes.

The fireplace is another excellent place for granite tile. Either honed or polished, something about a crackling fire next to the hard stone accentuates a fireplace like nothing else can. It provides a more formal look to a fireplace than stone or brick. Whole fireplace hearths, mantles, and surrounds are obtainable, carved from solid granite. These can be as elaborate or straightforward as the homeowner wishes, and give a eye-catching centrepiece to a home.

In the bathroom, granite gives a deluxe, luxurious feel. It is often used to encase Jacuzzi tubs or framed Roman tubs. And the feeling of being absorbed in water and wrapped in polished stone is second-to-none. Granite is a good natural stone to use in huge walk-in showers or steam showers, because of its natural water resistance. Many bathrooms are lined with granite floor and walls, for a completely stylish look.

An up to date progress in granite finishing technology has improved the availability of granite sinks. All varieties are obtainable, from drop-in vanity sinks to countertop vessel sinks and even farmhouse butler style sinks. Suitable support is needed for these weighty sinks, but few things in a house will surpass a granite sink as a discussion piece.

Outside, granite is a good choice because of its resistance to the elements. Honed granite will need less maintenance to keep hold of its looks than polished granite will. Honed granite should always be used near a pool or hot tub, unless tiny mosaic tiles are used another popular application where the grout lines will provide grip and prevent slipping.

One thing is for sure: there is no replacement for granite. It adds massive value to a home. Depending on the application, it can make a home feel much warmer and more inviting, or very formal, regal, and striking. Granite is practical, economical, and justifiably the most popular natural stone for the home.

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