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The Use Of Stone Outside


The use of stone externally is becoming more and more popular. An outside barbecue, the driveway, a swept staircase, pathways, the patio, border walls and the landscape all feature here. The type of stone and finish that is chosen plays a significant role in setting the character of your home.

If budgets are restricted for an entire stone clad exterior, there are other areas outside where the use of stone could be used to dress up a property. Stone paving slabs for a pathway or drive are just one way to improve the look outside of your home. These can also be utilised as a great option for a patio or pool decking area. Slate offers a more rustic feel from which paths can be created. Fieldstones are another popular choice for external design. It has a quality built in that truly graces any property. There are many reasons fieldstones are popular. Each region around the UK and across the world has its own individual stone with its distinctive texture and blend of colours which reflect a natural setting. Using fieldstone from local regions to re-create that feel is a good technique. Fieldstone can be salvaged from old barns and reclamation yards, for example, for that offer the authentic look and feel as they have already been worn in from years of previous use. Working your with local stonemasons who take great pride in their work can be a really rewarding and learning experience. If you own a period property a local stonemasons expertise can be vitally important to ensure your planned project is in keeping with the age of your property and the region where you live.

Stone accent features

There is always the possibility of accenting the exterior with the stone foundation or roof. For some larger projects, that might entail a fair amount of stonework. Nowadays, slate is considered to be an expensive building material, but historically everyone used slate to build their houses, particularly roofs, in the days gone by because the buildings would last forever. An profusion of slate could be used to create a nature-inspired environment. Note that in any larger houses, a lot of what you see is the roof. Most modern building materials do not add any visual kerbside appeal, most simply fortify the building. The natural surroundings of a property can also play a key part in the redesign or new project. The use of wood and stone lend themselves well to a natural environment. Any natural-like setting of a home can impact upon what type of slate you might use. Making a home fit into its surroundings can be complex. The use of visible stone in the design can be a choice influenced by the local area.

Tying to the environment

The use of building materials that reflect the natural environment is the most favourable choice. Achieving a finished look using cut stone to retain the house as part of its environment can prove to be a challenge, but is very worthwhile. There are various ways of making a home fit into its immediate surroundings – grounding the house, so to speak. Using local field stone for example, in something like English Fieldstone, at low levels, incorporating the structure into the surrounding area and so on, can all be done to compliment your project and structure and this also offers a more used feel so benefits the project rather than standing out too starkly.


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