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Looking after Marble


Daily And Ongoing Care For Marble

Stylish, adaptable and resilient as it is, marble like any other surface, needs conditioning, cleaning, care and maintenance to preserve its attractiveness and extend its life. Because it is porous, marble needs particular care it can stain with spills like food products like oil, and is susceptible to citrus juices, vinegar or household cleaning chemicals, which can damage its surface. When used out side, it is susceptible to General weather, which will erode and discolour its surface over time. But, taking care of your marble before and after it is installed it will go a long way to preserve it, and save restoration costs in the long run.

Prevention – The Cure To Marble Damage

Taking just a few precautions with your marble can help to reduce conman problems with marble:

Use honed marble on the floor – as the honed finishes on marble is more resilient to scratches and scuffs.

Try not to use polished marble in high traffic areas like flooring in a hallway.

Placing rugs or mats by doorways and high traffic areas can help to remove dirt and small stones from shoes.

Wipe up spills as soon as possible as marble can stain easily.

Where marble worktops are concerned use coasters and protectors under sharp or heavy items.

Cleaning daily and help to keep your marble as nice.

Vacuum cleaners can scratch your marble – avoid using them

Change mopping water frequently during cleaning

Always rinse using clean, warm water

Make sure marble surfaces are dry before you use it.

Always follow the instructions on your cleaning products.

Use only approved cleaners on your Marble.

For good results, do not use acid based household cleaners on your marble. Use only approved cleaners on your Marble. 

When sweeping on marble use a soft brush and not a hard brush on polished surfaces. You can hover marble  but make sure the are no sharp parts touching the marble.

Kitchen Countertops & Worktops

Preferably, granite is the better to use has a kitchen countertop / worktop, one reason for this is that granite is hygienic and simple to clean. If you make a decision on marble, it does give a nice a European feel when finished as honed as it is simpler to maintain. You can scrub honed marble countertops with abrasives, bleach and soaps with a scouring pad without worrying about damage. Rinse well and dry afterwards using a soft cloth.


Remove excess water immediately, and remember that hard water is damaging to stone worktops and floor tiles. Clean up using a neutral soap scum powder each month. Use mild bleach mixed with water for hot tubs to get rid of any algae or moss that has collected.

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