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Finally some Proof that Granite is Easy to Maintain


At last a study, funded by MIA, comparing four commonly used worktop materials, and their ability to be cleaned, the study showed that granite, engineered quartz and marble worktops are all easily cleaned in line with the FDA surface sanitizer criteria of 5-log reduction pathogens on the surface of a worktop.

The Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management in Minneapolis carried out a study comparing Dakota Mahogany Granite from South Dakota, Ubatuba Granite from Brazil, Carrara White Marble from Italy and Snowdon White engineered stone by Cambria. None of the worktops were sealed or treated.

The test organism used for the study, was a non-pathogenic E. coli. The E coli was spread on each worktop and then allowed to dry, then everyday household cleaners were used to clean the Worktops.

There was no statistical difference in reduction after the worktops were cleaned for any of the four worktops used. This shows that the differences in the worktops used in the test did not make a significant food safety difference in clean ability.

Prevention of cross contamination of pathogens on kitchen worktops is vital to help protect the health of the user. The study therefore shows convincingly that natural stone and engineered stone basically have the same level of clean ability. This study has been helpful for consumers to know, when making a decision on a new worktop purchase.

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