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Maintenance and Preservation of Stone

Granite Care And Maintenance Tips

Granite Care & Maintenance Tips

If you would like to keep your granite kitchen worktops always looking good as per the day they were installed, the good news is that this is a very simple process. However, there are things you need to take into consideration.

One of the elements that could damage granite countertops is kitchen heat. Therefore, ensure that you don’t put hot pots or casseroles dishes directly on the worktops without the use of a trivet. You don’t want your granite worktop to have any surface discoloration owing to possible scold marks, do you?

Protecting Granite Kitchen Tops

Protecting Granite Kitchen Tops


Granite kitchen tops are quite durable simply because they do not nick or scratch easily. If properly cared for, they can last for a long time. Having said that, it is important to seal the stone worktops for durability.


Granite Kitchen Worktop Care

Granite Kitchen Worktop Care

You can find the best cleaning agent directly in your home. One particular cleaning agent, which can be used for granite care is usually isopropyl rubbing alcohol, which has a basic PH. The other common option for cleaning granite worktops is to try using dishwashing soaps or detergents. You can also mix them. It’s fine to use a few drop of dishwashing detergent to alcohol and then add to this mixture some water. 

Kitchen Work Surface Care

Kitchen Work Surface Care


Granite's unique and complex structure helps it be the perfect stone because of its durability. Since it's the second strongest material in the world, granite surfaces serve you for a lifetime. When properly treated, granite granite can hold up to high temperatures, withstand staining and scratching, and keep their shine and richness for years to come.



Care And Maintenance Of Kitchen Worktops

To ensure durability and proper hygiene of kitchen worktops, the appropriate care and maintenance should be of the utmost paramount importance.

Cleaning and maintaining kitchen worktops on a daily basis is particularly vital if you want to prevent food contamination and other bacterial actions. 


Cleaning Kitchen Granite Worktops

Granite cleaning tips should be understood by every home owner. Isn’t it that having some granite worktops can totally change your kitchen appearance?

If you have these, you should know some possible things on how to maintain their perfect features and designs. As a home owner, how will you clean your kitchen granite worktops?


6 Ways Of Cleaning Granite Worktops

Granite needs constant maintenance aside the normal cleaning of worktops and requires sealing periodically. The stains on Granite can be tough to remove though not impossible. The granite worktops can also crack.

Some people have the impression that cleaning granite countertops is difficult, but in reality, it is a simple and easy process.


How To Maintain Clean Kitchen Worktops

Clean kitchen worktops add a lot of value and glamour to a home and kitchen in particular and as such, must be kept clean always.

It is very easy for your kitchen to become very messy, but it is also possible to control this situation by regular cleaning of kitchen worktops, such as counters, stove tops and any other of such tops in the kitchen. 


How To Clean Granite Worktops

Granite has a variety of styles befitting for every home and living area for decoration. The beauty and splendor of granite worktops adds glamour to every kitchen type. Granite is said to be the most long lasting material for use in kitchen worktops.

Granite worktops apart from lasting almost a lift time can add beauty to your kitchen and make every moment spent in the kitchen worth the while.


At Last, Proof that Granite is Easy to Maintain

At last a study, funded by MIA, comparing four commonly used worktop materials, and their ability to be cleaned, the study showed that granite, engineered quartz and marble worktops are all easily cleaned in line with the FDA surface sanitizer criteria of 5-log reduction pathogens on the surface of a worktop.


Looking after Marble

Stylish, adaptable and resilient as it is, marble like any other surface, needs conditioning, cleaning, care and maintenance to preserve its attractiveness and extend its life. Because it is porous, marble needs particular care it can stain with spills like food products like oil, and is susceptible to citrus juices, vinegar or household cleaning chemicals, which can damage its surface.


Sealants and Conservation

This is an overview of Water Repellent Silicone, Siliconates, Damp microfiber cloth, Siloxanes, Stearates, Oil Repellents, Drying Oils, Silicates & waxes.What they do, how they function and how they are applied.


Sealing in the Good Looks of Stone

Learning how to correctly care for and shield natural stone is important to keeping the beauty of the natural surface. The best way to start is to have some under standing of the science of natural stone.


When does Stone need Sealing?

Granite is a natural construction. One piece of rock is not like any other on the planet. This is the one feature that actually makes this stuff so attractive and in demand. The uniqueness of each granite slab is what attracts a lot of homeowners into choosing to have a granite countertop / worktop.

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