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Welcome to our online resource centre, where you will find a wealth of information on stone and worktop related subjects. We hope you find it helpful in your projects and visit us here often to increase your knowledge. We believe by educating our customers they can choose the best options.

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Information & the History of Stone

Granite Slabs

Granite Slabs

Granite slabs are machined down from massive block like chunks that are quarried in different parts of the world.

Historically a sizable percentage would then be transported to processing plants particularly in Verona, Italy where they are refined and polished by skilled craftsmen. Next, they are cut into large slabs or scants that are exported all over the world. 

Granite Suppliers

What To Look For In Granite Suppliers

Granite suppliers are major marketers of granite stones in stone markets, finding and patronizing the right granite supplier can be a bit tough especially for someone without in-depth knowledge of the granites.

Granites are very hard stones that come in diverse colours and types, it is well a known fact that no two quarry can produce the same kind of granite this goes a long way in showing how diverse granites are. 


How To Compare Granite Worktop Prices

The value and appeal that a worktop of such statue brings to a kitchen definitely impacts upon granite worktop prices. Granite worktops are unique due to the warm beauty that they have to offer. The worktops are made from granites, a uniform and distinct igneous rock formed beneath the earth surface. The magma cools and solidifies into a stone which contains minerals like quartz, mica and feldspar.   


The Basic Elements Found In Every Worktop

A worktop is generally flat horizontal surface installed in kitchens and bathrooms with cabinets for storage. All worktops contain certain distinctive features or elements without these things a worktop can never be said to be complete.

Before we plunge into intensive review of these features, we like to understand the full nature of a worktop.  


How The Experts Buy Cheap Kitchen Worktops Direct

Every beautiful kitchen also requires beautiful kitchen worktops. When you decide to buy it and walk into the showrooms, you may easily be baffled by the huge number of different kitchen worktops that are on the market.

Making a choice of the right cheap granite kitchen worktops can be a daunting task.   


Geology and Natural Stone Detection

Those in the stone trade, and those fascinated by stone, should be familiar with basic geology.  As a doctor studies the systems of the human body to advise treatments and remedies, a geologist studies stone. Armed with some basic knowledge you will be familiar with the formations and changes of stone.  


What are the Names of Natural Stones?

There are nearly 9,000 stone options and probably three times as many names. Do  the names perplex you? Many importers will give a stone a changed name. So, it is not abnormal for one stone to have several names. If you understand some basic stone terminology the process will become easler.


Natural Stone through the Ages

As old as the earth itself; made from the same gas and liquid that solidified to form the planet, natural stone brings style to a lot of architectural wonders from the dawn of civilization to the present day. From ancient structures, like the pyramids in Egypt and the regal magnificence of the Greek and Roman architecture, to the vast civilizations of India and China, and right through the Renaissance period, natural stone is now not just for the preserve of Royalty and the rich today. Incredibly popular like never before, natural stone remains the first option for a lot of homeowners and commercial businesses for its toughness, competitive pricing and aesthetic appeal.


History of how Stone has been Used

The Egyptians were the first society to expansively quarry and build with natural stone. They built most of their structures using granite and limestone. The Great Pyramid of Cheops, the only left over wonder of the ancient world, was built of massive limestone blocks around 2560 BC. Visitors to the pyramid today wonder at its size, but identify that it appears blocky and uneven. Even the ancients were concerned with aesthetics, though, and the pyramid was once lined with perfectly smooth casing stones, which were stolen over the years to build homes and temples. 


Granite and Marble Masonry Process

The progression of events, which brings natural stone from the quarry in to the home, has not altered much since stone entered the homes of the ancient Greeks. Big blocks of stone are cut from the quarry. From those blocks, thinner pieces are cut from the large blocks. These thin slices are called slabs. The slabs are then fashioned and polished to the specifiers requirements and shipped all across the world. 


Granite Worktop Installation

Granite is another very hardwearing stone that is also really beyond the realm of DIY enthusiasts. We are happy to work on a supply only basis if required, but we would suggest that as we are experts in this field, mistakes potentially at your expense can be eradicated by allowing us to offer you the complete services that we offer.

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