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Fantastic Islands


Kitchens can be complicated rooms to design. They not only must look visually striking, but be practical as well. This combination of form and function often merges in islands. These multifunctional and adaptable spaces can be a sanctuary in today’s kitchens, providing more workable worktop space, dining and storage space for the homeowner.

Most kitchens need to function as a food preparation area, cooking area, dining space, and a place to entertain. Islands are a good way to divide these zones and to set up the work triangle suggested by kitchen designers. The work triangle is the area of movement between the sink, cooker and refrigerator.

Kitchen Islands tend to work best when used with L- or U-shaped kitchens. The benchmark for an island-compatible kitchen is one that measures at least 3 meters-by 3 meters and is open to an additional room in the home. While there are exceptions, fitting an island in a kitchen with smaller kitchen could make it difficult to walk through kitchen.

Professionals suggest allowing a minimum of 900mm to 1 meter as a walkway between the island and kitchen wall and cabinets. Islands can be closer to plain walls, about 900 mm but need to be about, 1 meter or more, from appliances, such as ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers so you can open the appliance door without it hitting other kitchen doors.

Most islands have a worktop height the same as the kitchen units, but you can choose another height  if the island multi-level. Lower sections can be used as a table or coffee area, while higher parts can be used as a breakfast bar with bar stools. Think about how to plan out the uses of the island when designing its size and style.

You may also like to have a hob in your island. This feature may constrict your work triangle, but free up more food prep space on other worktops. Remember to tolerate about 300mm worktop space on each side of your hob so pan are of no rick to passers by. A second sink on your island is a good idea if you want your island to function more for serving up dinners, food prep or cleanup. Including a waste disposal with in the sink may also be a good idea for food wastes so they do not have to be moved around the kitchen. But keep in mind getting plumbing and electrical services to an island can be problematic and some times costly.

Modern kitchen islands can fit most kitchen appliances you might want like Warming drawers, dishwashers and wine chillers.

Islands can come in many styles, and are made up from standard kitchen units. So despite of the current style of your kitchen, an island can be created to fit the current door or be the launch pad for a totally new look while escalating the ease of efficiency in your kitchen.

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