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Welcome to our online resource centre, where you will find a wealth of information on stone and worktop related subjects. We hope you find it helpful in your projects and visit us here often to increase your knowledge. We believe by educating our customers they can choose the best options.

Also check out our numerous Frequently Asked Question pages where you can get answers to some of the more common issues.

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Helpful Design Pointers

Granite Worktops

The Advantages Of Granite Worktops

Granite worktops have replaced the days of laminated kitchen worktops. Times have changed with lots Advantages of Granite Worktops. Granite worktops have replaced the days of laminated kitchen worktops.

Times have changed with lots of stylish and beautiful kitchen worktops available in the market place. If you are looking for style and beauty, granite worktops are the perfect fit. Granite worktops offer complete transformation to a home starting with upgrading the kitchen from a standard and conventional one to a contemporary and superior kitchen design.

Quartz Worktops

The Advantages Of Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are known for their durability, solidness and amazing colours. The manufacturing of Quartz requires the blending together of granites, mirror chips, quartz stones and resins to form a totally sealed and polished surface.

Quartz has been esteemed high over the centuries for its charm and unique beauty, which is why artefacts made of quartz, can be found in different homes and even castles of many nobles.  

Kitchen Work Surfaces

Caesarstone - The Premium Quartz Brand

Caesarstone is an artificially man-made stone consisting of 93% quartz and 7% pigments including polymer resins. It a fine polished and processed glossy and shinny stone, which is because of the presence of natural quartz in the stone composition.

It is most times harder than its natural stone counterpart, granite and marble. Granite and marble have been the most popularly utilised stone worktop options, especially for kitchens. 

Cheap Granite Worktops

Buying Cheap Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are great spectacles in every kitchen and bathroom; kitchen owners desire them because they bring class and style to the kitchen. Is there anything like cheap granite worktop?

Cheap granite worktops are available in the market, and they are of the same standard of class and strength as their expensive counterparts. The exorbitant prices of granite worktops can be a turn off to potential users, hence the need for cheap granites worktops.

Kitchen Work Surfaces

The Virtues Of Quartz Worktops

Quartz kitchen worktops are highly under rated, but very efficient when it comes to kitchen designs. Quartz is one of the most common mineral on earth today it is chemically known as silicon dioxide.

It is present in nearly all rock types on earth. Quartz is considered man-made; therefore it is easily manipulated into any desired form and colour. Quartz worktops are manufactured from 93% quartz mineral with other additions to produce class and style beyond comparison.

Kitchen Work Surfaces

A Quartz Worktop Is The Height Of Style

A quartz worktop has been a widely recognized all over the world as a strong companion in many kitchens, bathroomand laundry room e.t.c. As a matter of fact, they are fast out fazing their closest rivalry in the worktop industry due to their ever reliable designs and environment friendly looks.

To what does it owe its excellence? One could easy say nature and human ingenuity. Quartz worktops are made from the mineral quartz, a very peculiar mineral that has its trace in most rocks available on mother earth.

Kitchen Work Surfaces

Kitchen Work Surfaces - The Facts

Kitchen tops have attracted so much attention of late; this could warrant potential users to ask the question what is a Kitchen Work Surfaces?

Kitchen worktops is simply a horizontal work surface installed in kitchens; they usually come with different cabinetry designs and are made of different materials. The origin of kitchen tops is not quite documented anywhere, but many have traced its usage far back to the era of the Roman empire though they have no facts to buffer their claims.


Granite Tops Are Beautiful And Functional

The granite tops are commonly used in several ways, either for business or home improvements. These worktops cover numerous styles that significantly help in enhancing the appearance of your house especially the kitchen.

Since millions of people are longing to have perfect worktops kitchen, you shouldn’t miss to find an excellent type of granite worktops. 


Granite Work Tops Improve Your Home

Granite work tops can totally change the appearance of your home. If you are fond of watching television, then you might have probably seen several houses that are made of granite.

That merely implies that more and more people are continuously using granite. For those who are not using these types of worktops, maybe they are asking “how does granite worktops work”.


Quartz Kitchen Worktops Give A New Look

Quartz kitchen worktops can totally make the kitchen tops stunning to look at. It is gratifying to look at your kitchen if it is complete with materials.

With the presence of the beautiful Quartz Worktops, you will never believe that cooking is boring. Along with this material, you can always see to it that your kitchen, and even your bathroom and floorings, will have the extraordinary progress which you have always wanted your home to have.


A Quartz Is the Strongest Worktop Companion

A quartz worktop is extensively known because of their distinctive features and applications. Everyone is eagerly searching for the best kitchen improvement.

The nicest thing is that quartz kitchen worktops exist. What makes it more useful as compared to others? This question is often asked by millions of people worldwide.


Enhance Your Kitchen With Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are your utmost keys in improving the kitchen’s appearance. These worktops kitchen are commonly applied not only for home kitchen but for commercial kitchens.

In fact, these are widely used in restaurants in order to make the kitchen area more attractive. 


The Joy Of Using High Gloss Worktops

The need to merge professionalism and hygiene in different work environments has increased the need to have work surfaces adapted to meet these needs.

High gloss Worktops are horizontal and flat surfaces which are used in various places such as kitchens, in the bathrooms, food preparation areas, washrooms or lavatories. 


A Kitchen Lovers Guide To Granite Kitchen Worktops

A good kitchen is sometimes not defined by the kind of food that comes out of it but the effort invested in its adornment and presentation. Not all homes put the kitchen on the priority list and this is definitely not ideal.  

The kitchen can make a first impression but it is up to you to make it good or bad. 


Discount Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are considered by most professional architects and interior designers as the best choice when deciding on a worktop.

They have very striking features, and their toughness is a major advantage for the worktop. They are especially notable for their durability, stain resistance and easy to clean and maintain. 


Granite: A Visual Statement in Your Kitchen

Granite can make a wonderful visual statement in your kitchen. Whether it is matt, honed or polished to a gloss finish, it can compliment most planned styles. Granite can in fact stand up to the every day kitchen life. Its natural merits make it water-resistant and stain resistant, and it can endure contact with hot pots and pans.


Choosing the Right Colour

Natural stone comes in an endless assortment of colours and choosing the right one can be a hard task. Homeowners regularly want to match their new flooring and worktops to things they already have, or to their existing colour schemes. While this may sound like a reasonable approach, it’s good to keep in mind that items can all always be changed, and colour schemes changed quickly and most of the time at a low cost to totally change the look of a room.


Making a genuine Style with Stone

When you close your eyes and imagine a house built many centuries before, what do you see? Are you over the moon with a dreamy medieval castle in France or a old-fashioned farmhouse in the rolling hills of Tuscany? Maybe you imagine a villa set high above the jagged coastline of the Mediterranean Sea or maybe closer to home, a thatched cottage hidden within a forest in the New Forest? Let your mind's eye take you further. 


Fantastic Islands

 Kitchens can be complicated rooms to design. They not only must look visually striking, but be practical as well. This combination of form and function often merges in islands. These multifunctional and adaptable spaces can be a sanctuary in today’s kitchens, providing more workable worktop space, dining and storage space for the homeowner.


Making your Plan

For most people, the most difficult part of planning a new kitchen or bathroom is trying to imagine the potential for the new environment. A good technique for getting an idea of how your ideas will look is to sketch them out.


Choosing the Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the centre of the home. It is a place for food preparation, cooking, entertaining, eating, socializing, and dining. The kitchen sees more traffic by a family and their visitors than any other room in the home and that should be taken into account when building or re-fitting. Having a well-laid out and planned kitchen can make all the difference.


Mixing Materials

The use of non-stone materials when grouping with stone isn’t innovative. In the late 1800s and early on in the 1900s, a lot of buildings were designed combining stone mosaics with both glass and ceramic. A general tradition through the early 1900s, with the building of a lot of each countries state capitals and regional buildings, was to design the first floor and lobby areas with elaborate stone floors, walls and interiors and then use other materials such as ceramic and glass on other floors. This tradition can be seen in a large number of British government buildings.


Refurbishment Cost Guide

In layman’s terms, how large is the area you want to transform, and how important do you want the changes to be? The refurbishment of a small room is clearly an easier plan than an additional new section to your house. Similarly, updating countertops is more simple than re-designing your whole kitchen, which might consist of replacing cabinets, appliances, and worktops. 


Worktop Edge Profiles

With the modern progress in CNC technology, granite and marble countertops have almost limitless potential for edge profiles. When you are ready to buy your worktop, you will be offered a selection of edges. Some very basic edges will be incorporated in the square-metre or linear-metre price of the worktop. More attractive or difficult edges can be added at an extra cost, which is typically more.


What Stone for Commercial Applications?

Often architects and designers select natural stone based only on its colour properties to marry with other planned decor finishes. Those who sell and work with natural stone will generally have a more informed viewpoint on the pros and cons of various stone material options to aid the architect and designer. In choosing any stone for a high traffic commercial environment, there are quite a few factors that should be thoroughly considered.

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