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Yule Marble

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Yule marble is a unique specie of marble found in Colorado USA. It is a metamorphic rock that forms from limestone over a considerable period of time. This forms a pure and very desirable marble with a high percentage of calcite. Yule marble has a very fine texture and has a very distinct appearance. Yule marbles are quarried in high altitudes this makes it unique and harder to quarry in comparison to all other marbles.

The Yule marble was first quarried sometime around late 1800s. Though its age had been wrongly judged in the past, but it has over the years it has been properly judged to have come into existence during the Mississippian age. Yule marble is formed from contact metamorphism this combined with environmental conditions are responsible for the pure status of the marble. The only trace of impurity found in Yule marble is quartz which accounts for only about 0.05 per cent of its total constituents.

The Yule marble is quarried in the United States of America particularly in a Colorado region known as Yule which accounts for its name. Quarrying of the Yule marble has brought about so many difficulties due to the facts that it is been quarried in a high altitude. These facts make transportation of quarries and workers in the quarry difficult, but the advent of technological breakthroughs has reduced these problems to a minimal level.

An in-depth comparison of the Yule marble with other marbles shows little difference. The only notable difference is the difference in compressive strength. The marble is mainly used in building and design. It was first used in Colorado for building monumental structures and from then on the use in construction projects has been spread all over United states and other parts of Europe. The only disadvantage to the Yule marble as regard usage is the high cost to quarry which makes it very expensive.

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