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Wolfenstein rocks are made of granite which is a product of erosion. These weird rock formations are found in a location between an area in Bavaria called Tirschenreuth and Hohenwald.

The normal action of erosion on granite rocks causes the stones to resemble a pile of bags but upon closer inspection, the granite rocks have a moderate to coarse texture as compared to other unearthed granite rocks and slabs. The color of Wolfenstein rocks are described as white to ivory white, but when you check on the stones closer, there are tiny bits of black, grey and other hues embedded on the rock.

Wolfenstein rocks may, in fact, just another pile of granite rocks but when you think about it, these stones may be the perfect conversation piece in your home. Here, are several fine points of Wolfentein rocks that you may find admirable:

· Wolfenstein rocks are made of granite which is basically one of the most popular materials for kitchen worktops and vanity areas in luxurious bathrooms. This type of rock is among the strongest, durable and one of the most resistant to grime and dirt.

· Granite rocks are perfect as kitchen countertops since they resist staining. You can chop foods, spill condiments and even place hot pans and pots on your worktop without the worry of damaging your stone finish.

· Wolfenstein rocks are also perfect as worktops since these rocks are durable; homes with granite work surfaces and worktops are appraised with the highest value. If you plan to rent your home out or sell it in the future, you can be sure that your property can command a high price.

· Finally, Wolfenstein rocks are very hygienic and hypoallergenic. You can easily clean the surface of granite countertops with just ordinary soap and water.

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