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Vaasa Granite

Vaasa Granite

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Vaasa granite is a migmatitic, light coloured and coarse kind of granite that was formed millions of years ago. It contains enclaves of a metamorphic rock formed from a sedimentary protolith. Vaasa granite started forming millions of years ago and geologist postulated that it formed from sedimentary rock types pressed into the earth crust and thus accumulating and transforming gradually over the years into a bigger and different type of rock.

Vaasa granite is regarded as a metamorphic rock though it shows traces of an igneous rock. Since it forms from the deposit of sedimentary rocks, it, therefore, shows more attribute of a metamorphic rock. Its protoliths are sedimentary rocks, these sedimentary rocks that form vaasa are themselves form from sediments in the bottom of the seas which later solidified after cooling.

When these sedimentary rocks are embedded very deep inside the earth crust, they are acted upon by high temperatures and pressure. These different high temperatures and pressures, coupled with sand transforms the rock into several types of gneiss. As the temperature increases in the formation environment, the newly formed gneiss are then melted partially or completely. When they rise to the surface of the earth, they are cooled further to form granites. This process is repeated constantly over millions of years and eventually ends up accumulating large amount of the vaasa granite.

Vaasa granites appear to be grey coloured and have crystalline structures within them. Due to its protolith being a sedimentary rock its internal structure tends to have slight traces of sediments. This unique combination of attributes from the three classes of rocks makes Vaasa granite a very useful specie of rock. It is mainly found in the region that conjoins part of Finland and Sweden. It was named after the city of Vaasa and is used today as a building stone in many ancient and modern buildings.

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