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The unakite, also called epidotized granite, is an altered granite rock that contains green coloured epidote, pink coloured orthoclase feldspar and colourless quartz. It was first found in the Unakas Mountain, North Carolina, USA and its name was derived from the Greek word “epidosis” which means “growing together”. The unakite is actually formed from the combination of different elements.  Peach feldspar which is related to the moonstone is formed in granite which is rich in quartz. Also, the green epidote which is a precipitate from magma located nearby flows to this quartz-rich granite. It is the combination of these elements that form the gemstone.

Unakite has a monoclinic crystal structure and like the Chalcodonies, it does not crystallize. It can usually be seen in masses, either small (pebbles) or moderate sizes (boulders). These pebbles or boulders can be seen in glacial drifts, close to Lake Michigan.

The unakite stone is said to have certain metaphysical or mystical properties. It is believed to be used for personal development. Having this gemstone in your possession can help you:

· Create your desired life by creating a balance and joining forces between your physical and spiritual life.

· Remove hindrances to personal growth. Sometimes, we encounter challenges and situations that discourage us. Meditating with this gemstone helps you to rid yourself of the fear and pain you have held on to.

· Transform negative emotions into positive ones.

In healing, the unakite is believed to create perfect body-mind coordination. It starts the healing process from the mind and then relaxes the body, making it stronger and healthier. Like the moonstone, the unakite is used for safe delivery during pregnancy. It also helps the baby grow well while in the mother’s womb.

Not all rocks are gemstones and not all gemstones have such powers. The unakite is a 3-in-1 stone and there are still more properties yet to be discovered.

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