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Travertine - Uses of

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Travertine is primarily extracted from the earth’s surface by means of quarrying. This limestone deposit is entirely used for most buildings. In fact, one of the world’s renowned buildings built with travertine is the Colosseum in Rome. Its rich deposits are mainly located in Italy, but the Romans historically mined travertine.

In modern architecture, travertine has so long been utilized within facade material, wall cladding and flooring. In some places, Travertine is being called as Travertine limestone or Travertine marble. However, this deposit is neither limestone nor marble. It primarily contains pitted holes and troughs on its surface that naturally occur. If ever you want to make use of Travertine for home improvements, it can be purchased filled or unfilled. Or if you want, you can polish it effectively to a smooth and shiny finish with various colours that range from a shade of coral-red or shade of grey. Travertine is in a way used in building of floor tiles.

Since Travertine tiles are considered unique and cost-effective, they entirely became popular among carpeting materials used to most homes. Actually, they came according to several decoration options and used as flooring materials due to its striking look, affordability and touch of beauty that may brighten up an ordinary home. In addition, travertine tiles can be used both for commercial and residential purposes as it comes in varied styles suitable to the tastes of different groups of people.

With the new technology, Travertine tiles became shinier and more polished especially when used in the kitchen area. They can also extend an aesthetic appeal beautifully added with lighting effects. Since Travertine is mainly considered as an alkaline, it mainly reacts when in contact with a substance that contains acid. In order that you can clean Travertine tiles, you must make use of soaps and mild bleaches as they must always be used.

In fact, travertine was also used to most pools for them to look refined and beautiful. It stands as an absorbent to standing water due to its porous surface wherein the space is safe to pass through. When it comes time for long summer months, travertine has to stay stool in touch without the need to worry of burning your feet as compared with other paving options. Another good point for the products is that it can work on relatively cold-weather conditions that it can withstand freeze cycles without having a crack, most especially when they are installed.

Apart from discussing its points, your worktops feel empty and incomplete without having travertine tiles. Since they can be purchased at economical prices, they can impart a quite, magnificent look on your worktops. As a homeowner, no other feeling can match with the travertine that will surely create a fabulous look out of your worktops.

Travertine can also be furnished as wall cladding because it’s too concrete and strong making it useful in the said construction. It can even remain cool despite the hot weather, making it perfect for indoor application.

For bathroom showers, travertine can also be used as a type of tile that will elegantly look inside the bathroom. What do you think you’re waiting for; feel free to choose for travertine that looks so good both in outdoor and indoor application!

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