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Timber Worktops

Timber Worktops

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There is a luxurious feel when you use timber worktops for your kitchen worktops, kitchen islands and for bathroom vanities. Solid wood is not only aesthetic but with expert care and installation, can provide a sturdy and beautiful worktop for any room.

Timber worktops may be used in a country setting or in a traditional home design. In contrast, timber can be used in a minimalist, modern setting; wood can be varnished, polished or stained to bring out the beauty and appeal of any room.

There are many kinds of timber worktops to use. If you want to find the most appropriate kind of wood for your workspace, here are several suggestions:

· Oak – is the most popular timber to use for work surfaces and kitchen worktops since it has a light color that can match most wall color, fixtures and lighting. Oak also has beautiful grains and a common wavy pattern that makes your counter top stand out in the room.

· Beech – another light colored timber that fine grainy patterns. Prime beech is mostly used since it has a characteristic sheen that most homeowners love.

· Walnut – dark brown tones can add depth and drama to your kitchen or bathroom. Walnut creates a luxurious effect perfect when you want to enhance the lighting and overall appeal of any room.

· Bamboo – clean lines and light timber colour is what sets bamboo from any other timber worktop. Bamboo is not only cool to the eyes but will also make any living space bright, calm and perfect.

· Cherry – dark reddish timber is perfect for any counter top or worktop. Cherry timber has wavy dark lines that set each timber slab apart. You may find different colours of this type of timber in most retail outlets.

· Rubberwood – is characterized with a light brown to reddish surface colour with small, fine textures and grain, this type of timber worktop is perfect to use especially when these are polished or coated with worktop oil.

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