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While some surfaces are made from unique stones, others like terrazzo are made up of a variety of such stones. Terrazzo is a fused material which can be precast into a particular shape or poured in place and is usually used for flooring and on the wall. It consists of different, unique stones like marble, granite, quartz, glass and a few other beautiful chippings. All these stones are fixed or sprinkled into a binder that can be chemical or a form of cement that holds all these stones together. Finished terrazzo is refined to create a smooth, textured surface that is presentable.

Terrazzo is used to make floors, patios, panels and paths through the exposure of such stones to epoxy-resin or concrete. Using terrazzo for these purposes is not a new technology as it has been in use since the nineteenth century. Terrazzo was initially invented by construction workers in Venice. It was used as a flooring material due to its low cost and the availability of waste marble chips from the high class projects at the time. The marble chips were pressed into clay and utilised within patios for their private homes. Goat milk was used as a glue to seal the marble chips to the clay so as to wet the terrazzo and to give it that similar marble look. After the 1920s, terrazzo production became easier due to the advancement in technology used in industries.

Due to its low cost of production and maintenance, terrazzo has become widely used in construction today. It has proven its contribution to the environment due to its durability and ability to be recycled. Flooring made from Terrazzo does not need to be replaced or repaired. It retains its quality appearance through simple cleaning processes like mopping and spraying, eliminating the use of chemical cleaners, which could potentially spoil its appearance. Unlike marble and granite which have to be sourced locally and transported to the construction site, Terrazzo is simply made on site and eliminates transport costs.

The use of terrazzo has proven to be an active player in the green revolution and still has more benefits yet undiscovered.

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