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Stone Shower Panels

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Stone shower panels are created by the use of a sheet or slab material to place on the walls of a shower area that are used in many homes and hotels today. There are several advantages of using this construction type over a traditional tiled option. As technology and fabrication possibilities improve, so does the use of materials in, what can be perceived, more unconventional methods. Showers panels being of these.

Historically, a shower area is generally fully tiled from the floor to ceiling. Tiles, of various formats, are cut to the required sizes and shapes with a grout line being evident between each tile that has been fitted. This grout can vary between 2mm & 6mm in size.

Although grout has been used to fill the gaps between tiles for many years, it has never really offered a fully waterproof solution. Indeed, this inherent weakness is quite often exposed as leading to leaks within bathrooms. The material flaw is not an issue with shower panels.

Most stone materials are available in a slab or sheet format. The sizes of these varies per stone and finish type. A typical ceiling height within the UK is around 2350mm high. The width of a shower wall area varies from bathroom to bathroom but, for the sake of this example, lets go with smaller than average 700mm.

The sheet material is then cut down to form three 2350mm high by 700mm wide panels. The panels are then affixed to the standard three walls of a shower area generally sitting on top of the shower tray and to the ceiling. Where the shower panels meet the ceiling and the additional panels silicone sealant are applied to ensure the shower area is then water tight.

Depending upon which sheet material is chosen there may be some periodic maintenance required to seal the stone to minimise its porosity levels. In the case of quartz, this would not be an issue as the material is impervious. 

Stone shower panels offer a far superior solution to the traditional tile method. In the case of tiles, in time, the grout lines will be subject to water ingress. In addition to this, another problem is grout discolouration. Neither of these factors impact on the shower panel route. The only potential issue is discolouration of the silicone sealant, but if a silicone containing a microban additive is used, the life expectancy before discolouration is 10 years.

So for a stunning finish that adds true character to your bathroom stone shower panels are perfect. Hygienic and dramatic, these bathroom panels, require no grouting and are simply affixed with adhesive. As trends and fashions change for the popular colours of tiles, this again will not impact on the use of stone shower panels as nothing adds more beauty and permanence to any building project than natural materials.

As using stone sheets as panels for a bathroom may be a new concept to you, the highlights of use with stone materials as wall panels in a few revolving images, so you can get the feel for how beautiful these panels look. The range of Onyx, Marble, Limestone and Sandstone shown on our website is perfectly suitable to use in this way. The difference between these options and the Marmol Compac range is simply that stone products will require periodic sealing as with all stone based materials which is not the case with Marmol Compac.

Panels are suitable for use as a hygienic domestic bathroom wall covering, hygienic shower wall cladding, kitchen walls panels, and other domestic cladding. If you are installing a shower, and seek a modern alternative to standard tiles, as a wall covering, this option is perfect for you. Whether you are installing a shower cubicle, wet room, shower enclosure or a shower over your bath, the use of these stone wall panels in this way is a perfect choice for a low maintenance spectacular bathroom.

Historically, showers date back to natural water falls were our ancestors went to have their baths at ease without the stress of manual transmission of water. Over the years, showers have really evolved into different modernised versions. The functionality of any water system will work in tandem with stone shower panels where a large part of the working systems will be hidden behind fabulous sheets of stone. This very fact makes stone shower panels a highly sought after finish in many modern homes and hotels.

Stone shower panels holds many advantages over other outdated shower systems and offers a natural bathroom environment to enjoy for many years to come.

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