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Sodium Oxide

Sodium Oxide

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Sodium oxide is known as a simple and strongly basic oxide because it constitutes of the oxide ion, O2-, which makes it a strong base that will easily react with ions of hydrogen. It is a chemical compound with the chemical formula of Na2O. It produces sodium hydroxide solution when it reacts with cold water exothermically. This has a PH around 14 depending on the concentration. The chemical formula is: Na2O + H2O – 2NaOH

Sodium oxide as a strong base also combines with acids. A good example of this is reaction with diluted hydrochloric acid to form sodium chloride solution. The chemical equation formula of sodium chloride is shown thus: Na2O + 2HCL – 2NaCl + H2O. When sodium is burnt in the air, it will form Na2O with about 20% of sodium peroxide with the formula Na2O2. The chemical equation for this reaction is: 6 Na + 2 O2 → 2 Na2O + Na2O2

Sodium oxide is a major component of glasses and windows; it is added in the form of soda or sodium carbonate. Glasses are very complex, and cross-linked polymers and sodium oxide does not explicitly exist in it. Manufactured glass usually contains 70% silica (sodium dioxide), 15% sodium oxide and 9% lime (calcium oxide). The soda or sodium carbonate is a perfect flux to assist in reducing the temperature at which the silica melts. Pure silica has a higher melting temperature than soda glass, while soda glass has a slightly higher elasticity. This is as a result of the silicon dioxide and soda reactions to form sodium silicates with the formula Na2[SiO2]x[SiO3].

Sodium oxide does not conduct electricity for the same reason that any ionic compound does not. When it is solid, the ions are held rigidly in the lattice and are not free to move. When the compounds are dissolved or melted, the ions become free to move about and thereby conduct electricity, which is also known as electrolysis.

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