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Soapstone Uses

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Soapstone is one of the most beautiful materials to use for counter tops and worktops. It is not only aesthetic, but it is also strong, durable and can resist extremes of temperatures making it the toughest stone to use in the kitchen. There are many soapstone uses, here are several of them:

1. Soapstone counter tops – a perfect material to use as a counter top; it can be installed as tiles or as a large slab. Soapstone is easy to cut and transform to any kind of shape or figure you want for your kitchen or kitchen island.

2. Soapstone vanities – your bathroom can become more luxurious with vanities made of soapstone. Since this stone is mostly dark in color, it will transform any boring bathroom into a bathroom with a hotel-like atmosphere.

3. Soapstone ovens – this type of material is very durable and can resist scorching hot temperatures without melting or warping. Crude pizza ovens are made of soapstone and even large ovens for baking commercially prepared bread are made of this kind of stone.

4. Soapstone furnaces – because of its amazing characteristic to resist heat, soapstone is the best stone to use to line furnaces. It is also visually appealing which is perfect as a conversational piece in the living room or den. Soapstone is also known to release heat long before the fire has burned out saving you money in the long run.

5. Soapstone sinks – since soapstone may be fashioned into any form, low sinks of different shapes and sizes may be made out of the material. This can perfectly match your soapstone kitchen worktops or kitchen island for sure.

6. Soapstone worktops – you can do anything on the surface of soapstone worktops; you can cook, prepare food, do art work, eat, play and even do any kind of project. Soapstone is resistant to spills, stains, odors and scratches. You can be sure that your soapstone worktop will last a long time.

Soapstone Uses are not simply restricted to the above but this small list acts as an example of the possibilities of this flexible stone.

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