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Quartz Uses

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Quartz is one of the most widely available minerals on Earth. It covers the 1/8th of the earths crust, following feldspar. The purest form of quartz contains no pigment. It is transparent and sometimes clouded. But, there are varieties of quartz that are coloured and are abundant on earth.

With the natural abundance of this stone, scientists widely believe that time is required to unravel the dynamics Quartz has to offer. Even the most unusual shapes of the quartz contain unique properties.A scientist named Nicolas Steno made the discovery that the prism fronts of the crystal that is most distorted form a precise 60° angle.

Quartz is used for different ways. This is because of the attributes that Quartz uses offer.

The most common Quartz uses include

Quartz is not just a decorative stone. It has a lot of domestic and commercial uses.

· Abrasive Items. Because quartz is hard and corrosion-resistant, it is used to produce such items, like sandpapers.

· Smooth stones that can sharpen edged tools are made up of quartz. They can sharpen razors and knives, because of its hardness.

· Kitchen worktops. Quartz is used as worktops and countertops because it is not porous and offers a uniformed colour. Food matters and other liquid particles are not trapped in the surface owing to quartz impervious properties. Germs cannot grow in such stone. In fact, some of the quartz manufacturers have been certified as kosher worktop options. A quartz worktop is stain resistant, which is an excellent attribute for kitchen usage, and available in numerous colours. 

· Bathroom furniture & tops. Quartz is an excellent addition for bathroom use owing to it's non porous properties. Utilised in conjunction with innovative design ideas, the application of quartz within a bathroom setting can create a stunning contemporary retreat.

· Bathroom wall panels. If you dislike unhygienic, discoloured grout lines and desire a low maintenance bathroom wall solution this material is an ideal choice. The Marmol Compac product range is only 12mm think and is made for this purpose. The joy of this material is its extremely close resemblence to marble without the need for sealing.

· Stair treads (the part you stand on) and risers (the vertical face on stairs) clad in quartz are utterly fabulous and offer a low maintenance solution to staircases. 

· Crucibles. The stone is an excellent material for producing crucibles, vessels that don’t easily melt. These vessels are used in performing chemical reactions with high temperature. It also does not respond to chemicals actively.

· UV prisms and lenses. This is due to the ability of the stone to channel ultra violet lights.

· Glasses. The stone is used to produce different kinds of glass, like fibre and container glass.

· Molding and Casting. The quartz is used as foundry sand that can integrate with cohesive agents, like oil and clay.

· The sands of quartz can also be used to bond with impurities when added to molten metals.

· The sand is also used in baseball arenas, volleyball courts, golf courses, children sand boxes and beaches. They are also used in rail tracks and mines as tractions.

· They are also used as filter media. They can be effective filler for paints, rubbers and putty.

· This material is even available on the high street in the form of the quartz jewellery and watches. 

· The stone has properties, like metaphysical and spiritual healing properties, that can help a person to de-clutter. It can choke up negative elements when it is placed on a chakra. It can restore positive vibrations to a person’s physical and mental space. Rose quartz is also used to reconnect a person to his basic self.

These are just some options possible of quartz uses. As the above attests, quartz is an extremely versatile material.

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