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Manganese Oxide

Manganese Oxide

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Manganese Oxide is a chemical compound that comprises of manganese and oxygen. Manganese oxide refers to a variety of manganese combinations with oxygen. It is more or less a general name that refers to different oxides of manganese. These different oxides are caused by the different oxidation state of manganese. The major oxides of manganese are MnO, MnO2, Mn2O3 and Mn3O4. Amongst these manganese oxides, the most abundant in nature is MnO2.

Manganese itself is a metal that occurs in different forms on earth. Due to its diversity, its oxide tends to be complex. As earlier stated manganese oxides come in different varieties and the most abundant, is manganese (iv) oxide. In studying manganese oxides, we will use manganese (iv) oxide as a prototype. The physical appearance of MnO2 is mostly brownish. They are found naturally as pyrolusite, but can also be synthesized in the laboratory. The need for artificial manufacturing is made important due to the high amount of impurities in natural occurring manganese (iv) oxide.

Chemically, manganese oxides react more or less like their dominant element manganese. They take most of their chemical property from manganese which itself is an excellent oxidizing agent. So interestingly manganese oxides mainly oxidize in a chemical reaction although there are cases where some types of manganese oxide acts as reducing agents. Manganese can also form special oxides with some metals such as iron. These mixed oxides are, however, not very common.

Manganese oxide is used in several areas of chemistry its most notable use is as a dry cell within a battery. Other interesting usage includes during production of steel, as a colorant or, interestingly, as an agent to decolourise in the process of glass manufacturing. In addition to ferromagnetic ferrite as a catalyst and within agricultural systems to help plant growth.

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