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Magnetite is a ferromagnetic mineral and one of the iron oxides. It is characterized as the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals; pieces of magnetite called lodestone has the capability to attract small pieces of iron.

Magnetite reacts with oxygen and the end reaction are hematite. There are small grains of magnetite that occurs in all igneous and metamorphic rocks; it can also occur in sedimentary rocks. In igneous rocks, small grains of magnetite precipitate together to form magma. This type of rock may also be produced through peridotites and dunites through the process of hydration and metamorphic transformation.

You may also find large quantities of magnetite in beach sand; this type of sand may be called black sand due to the characteristic black color. Beaches of California and the west coast of New Zealand have black sand, which was carried, to the beach through rivers and sea currents.

Magnetite is found in large deposits in different parts of the globe. There are magnetite mines in Chile, Uruguay, Sweden and in Western Australia. There are also deposits in the countries of Norway, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Mexico, India and in the United States.

There are many applications for magnetite, here are the most common:

· Magnetic storage – magnetic iron oxides are used in floppy discs and cassette tapes. Recorded information such as text and images are stored through magnetization on thin layers of iron oxide.

· Sorbents – magnetite through the form of magnetic powder can remove arsenic. It can also prove the best way to remove arsenic from water.

· Industrial uses – magnetite is used for coating industrial water tube steam boilers because it is able to resist high temperatures. This oxide may also be used as a catalyst for various chemical process and industrial processes.

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