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Kinds of Slate

Kinds Of Slate

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Slate is a very fine grained metamorphic rock that is formed through altering mudstone or shale. There are different kinds of slate rock and are used in many kinds of applications like roofing, flooring, tiles and even backsplashes. Slate is durable and has an aesthetic value that can improve the appeal of your home.

· Pennsylvania slate – one of the oldest mined slates in the United States in Northampton and Lehigh Counties. This kind of slate is blue to black in colour and has a rugged texture. This type of slate is one of the most popularly used because of its luxurious appeal.

· Virginia Slate - kinds of slate from the Arvonia – Buckingham slate belt are more durable and will never fade even when installed after several years. There is a characteristic shine in Virginia slates and a texture that is not too coarse or rugged and not too fine. This slate is perfect for flooring, bathroom or kitchen tile projects.

· New York and Vermont Slate – colourful slates only come from the Taconic Overthrust located in the regions of New York and Vermont. Colourful and vibrant looking slate are commercially mined here, and slate Is further characterized as unfading, semi-weathering, red to grey coloured variety. If you seek a slate that will make any room vibrant, then New York and Vermont slate are for you.

· Quebec Slate – slate from Quebec, Canada is from the Glendyne Quarry in St. Mark du Lac Long. This company is the biggest slate manufacturing facility in the entire Northern Hemisphere and these kinds of slate are for roofing projects. Quebec slate is characterized as black, unfading and very durable; this is why this kind of slate is mostly used by roofing contractors anywhere. Quebec slate is strong but is very easy to cut and install.

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