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Kinds of Marble

Kinds Of Marble

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Natural marble comes in many types. If you want to find the most beautiful kinds of marble for your next flooring, kitchen worktops or backsplash, then read on for some great ideas:

· White marble – white marble is not just famous for sculptures but also for dramatic flooring and intricately textured worktop and kitchen splashbacks. White coloured marble brings out the beauty of the entire room as well as improving the overall appeal of any environment. The countries of Greece, Italy and the Appalachian Mountains of the United States are the best places to find white marble.

· Black and grey marble – polished black marble are among the most sophisticated and the most extravagant flooring solution of all. Grey to pure black marble is popular for monumental pieces, tombstones and in creating high end flooring. These usually originating from Florence, Italy and from Ashford-in-the-Water, England.

· Pink marble – a fresh pink marble counter top or marble backsplash will make any room brighter and more sophisticated. Pink marble is not at all hard to find but are mined locally in Georgia and Tennessee in the United States.

· Yellow and brown marble – yellow to shade of brown marble are among the most in demand and are readily available in most retailers. Although very commonly used, this kind of marble brings out the richness and appeal of any room. Yellow and brown coloured marbles. These are imported from Siena in Italy and in Chemtou, in Tunisia.

· Red marble – once represented nobility and royalty, red marble can make any room more spacious and more luxurious than ever. Classified as more expensive than any other kind of marble. Red and violet-coloured marbles are imported from exotic countries across the world.

· Blue marble – it is the rate that you will find true blue marble, most are a combination of different colours. Once thought to be fashionable, these stones are still in most affluent homes as marble counter tops, tables, tiles and even flooring materials. Choose from exotic multi colored marble names like Africano, Portasanta, Breccia di Aleppo and the colorful Breccia Frutticolosa.

The kinds of marble that are available are not restricted to the above. If you look at the range of colours of marble worktops that we have available on out site you may start to get a feel for some of the options that are available.

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