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Kinds of Granite

Kinds Of Granite

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There are different kinds of granite just like there are different kinds of granite colours. If you are planning for flooring renovation or kitchen worktop and splashback renovation, then you must first become familiar with the many kinds of granite.

· Black granite – black granite is comparable to the color and texture of quartz or feldspar; although there is no true black granite, there are slabs that are sold as black granite due to its lovely dark appearance. Black granite is usually imported from India, Australia, Sweden and South Africa.

· White granite – just like black granite, there is no true white, coloured granite stone so don’t be frustrated when you cannot find a true white granite slab. Most are a slightly discolored or distorted shade of white, ivory or grey. White granite is imported from China, Italy and Brazil.

· Green granite – green granite makes floors, counter tops and backsplashes more exotic. There are many variations of the green color along with mixes of different hues. Green granite is from Norway or from India.

· Blue granite – this is one of the most popular choices when it comes to granite flooring and counter tops. Blue granite or azul granite has predominant blue hues along with other shades of dark colours. Blue granite is usually imported from Spain and Brazil.

· Pink granite – very rare kind of granite but will absolutely make your kitchen, bathroom or flooring stand out. Pink granite is the result of chemicals that had occurred when the granite was formed. The counties of Brazil and China are the major suppliers of pink granite.

· Gold and copper granite – gold and copper coloured granites are usually used for designer or luxury kitchen or bathroom projects. This kind of granite will give your bathroom or kitchen the high class feel as well as compliment other metallic hues found inside the room. These kinds of granite are imported from Brazil and Italy.

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