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Jadeite is a mineral which is characterized by its various shades of dark green and white colours. It is commonly used in jewellrey making, ornaments and in making traditional weapons. It is recognized as the gemstone jade while another kind of jadeite is classified as nephrite which was used as indigenous peoples of Costa Rica and the Maya peoples.

Jadeite’s colours can change dramatically from white to different shades of green. There are also newly discovered colours like pink, lavender and many other intricate hues. The best sources for this mineral are the quarries and mines in California, USA, Myanmar, New Zealand and in Guatemala; there are also jadeites that are mined in Kazakhstan, Alaska, Italy, Russia, British Columbia in Canada and Turkestan.

Jadeite are mostly fashioned into jewelry; the Chinese are the most popular when it comes to fine jewelry made from jade. They are also popular in making small statues, trinkets and charms made from pure jade. Beautiful and rare jewelry pieces made from jadeite are very popular up to now and knowing that these pieces date back to ancient times or are antique pieces significantly increase their value.

During the Neolithic era, there was so much jadeite needed to make 100 axe heads in northern Italy. These axe heads however were found all across the British Isles. It is thought that primitive peoples once considered these axes as currency instead of using it for fighting. There are many other crude weapons fashioned from jadeite since this material is durable, strong and will resist weathering, temperature extremes even when they are used in extremely cold climates.

If you are purchasing jadeite or jade jewelry pieces be sure of the quality of the mineral you are purchasing. Buy only from reputable dealers and never from less legitimate suppliers.

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