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Indian Stones

Indian Stone

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While some countries countries are endowed with mineral resources like oil, tin, coal, etc., India has its pride in its enormous collection of stones. India possesses one of the largest spectra of dimensional stones such as marble, granite, slate, sandstone, quartzite and limestone. India is one of the biggest producers of unrefined stone material with adequate availability of tools and automation to meet the demands for such materials. Their stone industry now produces slabs, tiles, blocks, sculptures, tomb stones, etc.

History of Indian Stone

Since 3200BC, the Indian culture has been majorly subjective to the use of stones. The dimensional stones (as mentioned above) have left marks on their architectural history. Temples, ancient palaces and other buildings were made from these stones. For example, the Taj Mahal in Agra is a timeless beauty because it was made from the Indian Marble. Also, archaeological excavations have shown statues and carvings buried beneath the earth. Even today, buildings such as the Parliament House, Supreme Court, the Presidential building as well as hotels and general buildings were made from the sandstone.

Marble Deposits

1. Makrana marbles: This is regarded as the best, white marbles. It has many ranges for mining from which the Taj Mahal marble was mined.

2. Salember marbles: This marble is coloured green with a touch of pink and is also called the "Onyx marble". Like the Andhi marble (also known as Pistachio marble), it is dolomite.

Other marbles include Yellow marble, Rajnagar marble, Ambaji marble, etc.

Granite deposits are found in Gujarat, West Bengal and Karnataka. Sandstone deposits can be found in Dholpur, Orissa, Haryana, etc.

India is an innovator in exploring and excavating deposits of rock and has established a secure industry. This is due to the numerous deposits it has in its various cities. Indian stone varieties are still being discovered in various cities across the country.

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