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Graphic Texture

Graphic Texture

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Graphic texture is a curvy line which appears in the interior structure of some igneous rocks as a result of some processes like devitrification and exsolution. Igneous rocks are popularly known to contain certain minerals; when these minerals encounter some extreme conditions they tend to experience changes in their structure, these changes are the main causes of graphic texture. Literally, graphic texture is formed when the mineral constituents of an igneous rock solidify unevenly; this uneven combination then forms a visible pattern of lines. These are the joining points of the different mineral constituents within the rock.

An igneous rock will only display an internal graphic texture if it undergoes exsolution and devitrification simultaneously. Exsolution is a condition in which two or more minerals are combined to form a solid solution that becomes unstable at a low temperature. Exsolution is only possible if the two minerals are not totally miscible. Devitrification, on the other hand, is a reverse process of vitrification which involves a crystal free solution which forms crystals. When an igneous rock experiences these distinct processes simultaneously, its internal structuring tends to evolve into a graphic texture with curvy lines, which makes it, almost appear like handwriting.

Rocks with a graphic texture is characterised with a glass like internal appearance and curvy lines where the minerals join. Trachyte is a very popular rock that is well known for its graphic structure, obsidian is another rock that is also known for its graphic texture. Consequently volcanic rock that is igneous rocks formed in volcanic conditions are more prone to graphic texturing probably due to their glassy nature and numerous mineral constituents.

Over the years, many myths have surrounded rocks with graphic texture; many hold belief that the curvy lining found in graphic textures are the mystical writings from the gods, but modern studies have refuted most of these beliefs. Rocks containing a graphic texture are great for decorations and finishing’s because their internal structure possesses excellent decorative attributes.

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