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Granulites are metamorphic rocks that due to high temperatures have formed grain-like particles. These rocks comprising of varying composite materials are a picture of what the earth crust looks like hence they are of significant importance to geologists and soil engineers. Their textural form also gives a clearer picture of what really happens underneath the earth crust. These rocks while in the earth crust and subject to these high and low temperature changes have taken different forms all resulting from these incessant changes in temperature and surrounding particles. These temperature and pressure changes are responsible for the varying constituent particles and the appearance of these Granulites materials exhibit when they are examined.

Granulites are of similar properties and are made of similar granular sizes, but each will surely take semblance from the parent rock there are hewn from during this transformation under varying temperatures. The varying high temperatures some in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius from which these materials are formed are inexplicable. The constituent materials of these Granulites themselves like feldspar, quartz and others are interesting to consider as their own properties are unique too. Common properties of these materials include excessively high melting point while others never even melt even at very high melting points.

Granulites because of their unique physical and inert characteristics are of significant use today. In agriculture, they can be relied on to improve the soil yield and productiveness. The value of nutrient concentration needed in agriculture is enhanced by the presence of these Granulites. Their finely naturally cut sizes ideal for use in blending fertilizers as they can even be spread directly on the crops. Granulites are inexpensive and their finely grained particles have become especially handy in maintaining golf courses; keeping them verdant and flourishing.

In all, the significant use of granulite rock is on the increase daily.

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