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Granite Uses

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Granite is a crystalline-based and hard rock, covering numerous uses in businesses, homes and buildings. It is an igneous rock that can be polished, cut, formed and honed to create a number of products. The granite colours usually range close to its colour spectrum. This stone is remarkably sturdy, durable and suitable for any internal structures. Through this, the granite usage became in demand for construction purposes.

As compared to other stone worktops, granite is being used even during ancient times. In fact, Ancient Egypt used granite to create sarcophagi, columns and other household structures. The typical examples of these are floor coverings, jambs, sills and lintels. Maybe you are quite confused on what the real granite uses are. Well, the answer to your queries is extremely easy. For further details, the following are some granite uses that you shouldn’t miss:

Worktops – One of the most common granite uses is for worktops. Granite worktops can be used in the bathroom and kitchen of many shapes and sizes. Every granite slab is cut to 30mm in thickness, mounting onto the cabinet frame. Stoves and sink bowls holes can also be cut from the stone. Granite can be polished, and ground on every edge and two slabs can also be fitted altogether on a single long counter.

Wall and Floor Tiles – Pieces of granite care being cut, styled and finished into granite tiles. Each tile is normally cut with 3/8 inch thick and 12 inches in size. Since granite is durable and hard, these tiles are best for floors, counters, ceilings and walls throughout businesses and homes. Every tile is perfectly attractive, and it can also be used as pavers. Granite is also used in less refined types, like driveways, pavers and patios. With its unique effects, this stone can truly brings beauty and attraction to your desired area.

External BBQ Counters – The granite is your best choice if you are searching for an effective and durable material. This can totally withstand all weather conditions and heat resistant. Once you used this granite, you don’t need to worry about its long-lasting services. It can’t be easily destroyed and thus its appearances are not easily deteriorated.

Decorative Monuments and Sculptures – Granite is excavated in extremely large blocks, and then cut it to from smaller blocks, tiles and slabs. Out of these blocks, large non-structural building and decorative monuments can also be formed. It mainly includes statue bases, statues, and decorative entryway monuments like lions or urns. Since granite is totally durable, it can also be left outdoors, giving the exterior of the building to have decorative, permanent monuments installed.

Panelling and Wall Cladding – Granite is perfectly used within bathrooms and showers, providing perfect appearances. External facades and garden walls of commercial buildings can totally improve its visual impact and grand entrance area.

The granite uses are widely seen all over the places, either interior or exterior designs. If you want to experience the best usage of granite, get the chance to have this and install it immediately to your desired area.

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