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Granite is a natural and widely occurring rock and mineral formation. It is a type of igneous rock formed from magma. Its name Igneous signifies that its formation takes place at the cooling of volcanic material close to the Earth surface. Granite can be found in large quantities in different textures. 

Sometimes, some individual crystals that are larger than the groundmass come together to form a particular rock type called porphyry. Granite can be found in different colour shades ranging from light colours to dark colours (pink, dark, gray or black). The chemistry and mineral content of the rock accounts for the colour varieties. 

Because of its strength and high durability, it is of high demand for use in so many products, ranging from gravestones to kitchen countertops. Granite can withstand weather elements because of its strength, but yet can easily be cut and carve into any desirable shape and size. Granite, with so many useful applications has become an indispensable household product. 

There are different classification's schemes of Granite such as regional classification has French Scheme, British Scheme, and American Scheme. These varied classification schemes are as a result of the contentious origin of this rock. Different classification scheme defines this gemstone by different means. However, the generally accepted classification, which classifies the rock based on genesis or origin, is the ‘alphabet-soup’ classification. 

Because of its known rough and tough properties, long lasting quality and resistance to power, Granite has become famous and the next to diamond in strength. This is the reason it is used extensively in today’s kitchen. Cutting Granite can be achieved with a diamond stone or with the same stone. They are majorly found in neutral or dark colors. These have made it sought after for kitchen decoration. Kitchen worktops add monetary value to homes and offices. 

Granite stone has become the people’s choice for residential and commercial properties. Granite Worktops are highly rated over their counterparts because;

• Granite can retain its value after a long time.

• Granite has heat resistance properties.

• Its surface when, not in use, is cool and as such can be used for the preparation of bakery items.

• Requires less time for cleaning because cleaning is easy (minimum maintenance required).

• Granite comes in a variety of textures and colours.

• Does not change colour after a very long time.

• Because of its durability, Granite does not allow scratches nor cracks.

• It is waterproof.

The glamour provided by Granite products does not only end in the kitchen but also extends to bathrooms and any other place that needs hard work surface finishing. Using this stone for your surface finishing will not only increase the value of the building but will also make your living space useful. 

Granite is also useful in flooring and walling, building blocks, and paving stone. Granite can be said to be a simple rock, but its uses are nothing in the range of simplicity. Adding to the above-mentioned uses, Granite is celebrated among climbers because of its strength and valued by caterers because of the beauty in using Granite plates for serving. In all, this stone is truly a multi-purpose stone.

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