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Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway

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The Giant's Causeway is a monumental site located in the northern part of Ireland, in a region called Antrim. It is a natural occurrence popularly known for its several thousand interwoven columns of Basalt. This Basalt deposits were caused by volcanic eruptions from millions of years ago. The Basalt column is naturally arranged in such a way that they act as stepping stones; these stepping-stones extend several feet beneath the sea.

The Giant's Causeway ways formed millions of years ago when the region experienced immense volcanic eruptions. As the molten basalt is rapidly erupted through the chalk bed, it is also simultaneously cooled rapidly. During the process, of cooling the basalt experiences horizontal cracks, so it doesn't solidify as a single structure but rather into different columns. These columns are thus seen as stepping-stones.

Like many other historical sites, the Giant's Causeway is a subject of many myths and local folklore. The name itself was coined out of this folklore. Although there are many versions of this story, most of it revolves around the battle between an Irish warrior and his Scottish counterpart. Some legends have it that the Irish warrior constructed the site to act as a bridge to enable him to cross the sea towards the abode of his enemy. The hope was to destroy him but due to the enormous size of his Scottish enemy he disguised himself as a giant. This, therefore, accounts for the unique name of the site "Giant's Causeway.

The Giant's Causeway carries a great amount of historical heritage and importance for the region of Northern Ireland. The location has been declared a tourist site by the Irish government over the years. Tourists are mesmerized by some spectacular scenes some of which includes basalts shaped as a giant's boot, as a chimney and as a giant's eye. The Irish government has transformed the marvelous site into a tourist attraction and to date it the major tourist attraction in the Northern Ireland.

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