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Garnet is one of the most popular mineral materials whose presence and unique properties has been significant for mankind. Although a number of minerals are categorized together as Garnet because a similarity of behaviours, they all appear in different colours. Garnet comes in varying colours ranging from green, brown, red, black, pink, orange, yellow etc; these precious stones are a favourite always because of their fineness and beauty.

Garnet has a number of unique properties that distinguish them. With their relative hardness at about 7, they are regarded as hard materials. Combining hardness with fineness, Garnet forms an excellent combination for the production of aesthetic materials and jewelries. In their use, however, subjecting them to extremely high temperatures and beating them overtly yields very bad results from the materials.

Garnet has several industrial uses today. The red colours were initially used as gemstones in the ancient Roman age, but today in pure forms, their crystals are used as gemstones. In varying colours of red, orange and others, this is very popular in America today. In more advanced cases, Garnets are excellent alternatives for silica sand in sand blasting as a good abrasive. In water jet, it is used to cut steel in water jets.

The major problem of such amiable materials is their occurrence in nature; Garnet, however, is different in that the different varieties and species abound in nature. In the United State, Europe and in Africa, Garnet occurs freely and in large deposits. The bulk of the Garnet in use today is of African origin. As a major raw material in the manufacture of jewelries, they are a famous brand in that users are assured of a durable and beautiful product coupled with the fact that they are naturally occurring too. In its industrial use, they have come in quite handy, little wonder they have remained popular till today.

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