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It is sometimes surprising  to know that inanimate objects like rocks can change and transform just like we humans change with age. Unknown to some of us, there are forces beyond our comprehension that are behind this metamorphosis which is in turn responsible for the environment we live in today.


Rocks are a major part of our existence, and one major metamorphosis they undergo is foliation. Foliation is simply a penetrative surface material that is found in rocks, and it is often formed by the ideal arrangement of natural resources contained in the rock. This arrangement is usually caused by a substantial force which affects the development of the natural resources within the rock.

Foliation is usually exhibited in rocks that are formed from the metamorphism of rocks called mudrocks. They include the phyllite, the slate, the gneiss and the schist. The isolation of the phases of mineral deposits in the rock is responsible for the process of foliation in gneiss. On the other hand, the ideal arrangement of the atomic phyllosilicate crystals is largely responsible for the foliation in the slate.

In Science, there is always a method of research in the description of different conditions and foliation is not left out. In the description of the foliation of rocks, it is important to take note of the following:

· The history of the natural resources contained in the rock that may be responsible for the foliation.

· The spacing of the foliation.

· The kind of foliation. That is, is it a surface, indistinct or intense foliation?

· The direction of foliation in space and its connection with other foliations.

It is always appropriate to follow a particular method as this ensures correct calculations in the grade of the metamorphosis, its regional intensity, connection to shears, faults and assemblage of the natural resources.

A lot is left to discover about the metamorphosis in rocks. Foliation is just one in a million.


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